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    Summary In recent years, frequent global battery safety accident sparked international market concerns about the safety of the battery; At the same time, the national market regulators have stepped up efforts to produce those who taste quality to selective examination to the battery, make domestic battery manufacturers are faced with the challenge of raising the quality of the product. AGC Group Cell division focus in the field of mainstream country battery test requirements change, with major institutions to maintain good relations of cooperation, dedicated team for battery manufacturers, sellers and exporters provide one-stop battery testing and certification services, ensure the quality of the battery can meet the requirements of the relevant international standards. Battery testing classification is as follows: Fuel Cell Alkaline manganese cell dry cell Cellphone Li-ion battery button battery Laptop Battery Lithium Ion Battery Import and export of battery Cellular phone use lithium ion batteries Portable lithium secondary monomer battery NiMH battery NiCd Battery Standards and Regulations IEC 62133 Portable secondary batteries and battery safety standards IEC 61960 Portable secondary batteries and battery performance standards UN 38.3 The dangerous goods transportation test and standard manual revision 1 &2 fifth edition 38.3 clause ANSI C18.2 Portable secondary batteries and battery safety standards GB/T 18287 Mobile phone use lithium ion battery and battery pack specification IEEE 1725 Mobile phone standard of rechargeable batteries standards IEC 62281 Primary and secondary lithium batteries of transportation safety IEC 60086-4 A lithium battery safety standards IEC 61951-1 Portable rechargeable batteries, nickel cadmium battery IEC 61951-2 Portable rechargeable batteries - nimh batteries UL 1642 lithium battery UL 2054 Residential and commercial battery Test items Environmental test Electrical Testing low-pressure rated capacity temperature cycling Discharge Performance Thermal abuse Over discharge Mechanical testing Overcharging vibrate forced discharge mechanical shock high rate charge Free fall External short circuit extrusion Endurance life Heavy shock internal resistance Electrostatic discharge Charged to maintain and restore EMC Lab Evironment
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