AGC guest at Amazon Live Room--EU Commodity Safety Regulations


Conference Background

Under the impact of the global epidemic, many offline sellers have turned their attention to online. According to Amazon's official statistics: Amazon has added 1.3 million new sellers in 2020. However, many new sellers have encountered numerous obstacles when opening stores.  To solve the difficulties encountered by new sellers in opening a store, Amazon has prepared a live online course on the topic of "European VAT Compliance and EU Product Safety Law".

As a compliance service provider recommended by Amazon, Mr. Eason Zhao, the head of AGC's compliance department, was invited to be a guest in the Amazon live broadcast room to share and train Amazon merchants on product compliance expertise.

Conference video link

EU CE certification product category:

1. Common CE certified products are mainly divided into six categories: construction, personal protection, electrical and electronic, medical engineering, measurement technology, machinery and transportation. If products with the above functions need to be sold in the European Union, they need to carry out CE certification and have a suitable institution as EU responsible person.

2. Analysis of typical cases of CE certified products:

CE certification is not only required for electronic products. Products with the functions listed in the first point need CE certification even if they are not electronic product. CE products that are easy to be confused among conventional products such as tents, folding beds, lighters, Skates, etc.; as well as personal protective goggles, helmets, raincoats, knee pads, etc., all require CE certification.

3. The DoC model of the EU Declaration of Conformity:

The DoC document is a sellers self-declaration document. The document needs to reflect the manufacturers or authorized representatives information, product information, completed compliance directives and standards, and the organization that issued the certificate. It should be noted that the Doc should have manufacturers employee signature and submitted in a non-editable format (such as PDF).

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