• Reliability testing
    Summary With the continuous development of social economy, people's consumption level has also been rising, consumers not only consider about the products' function or appearance, but also requirements on product's reliability which becomes more and more outstanding. If the products can work well under a variety of complicated conditions such as: high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, vibration, impact, salt fog, depression, rainfall, soaking etc., it will increase the product's market competitiveness and bring CO-WIN for enterprises and consumers. AGC Realibity Lab.was built in 2012 based on the market requirement and" The Customer Service" objectives. We have an experienced test team and professional test equipments,can provide all-round test validation service for enterprises, find out the protenial default in the design, manufacture or use and the ways to improve or solve the problem, improve the product's quality and reliability. AGC Realibity Lab. has been equipped with many sets of test machines such as high and low temperature test chamber, temperature shock box, rapid temperature change box, IP68 full dust waterproof test equipment, high frequency mechanical vibration table, mechanical impact, collision, drop test machine, packing compression testing machine, salt spray testing machine, button and switch life testing machine, all kinds of friction test equipment, can do the reliability test and design scheme for different products with the test service ability for Chinese standard, industrial standard, military standard, IEC standards and ASTM standard. AGC Realibity Lab. Passed CNAS test capacity expansion review in April 2013 and obtained ISTA qualification in March 2015. Standards and Regulations
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  • Hazardous Substances Analysis
    The Restriction of Hazardous Substances  short for Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
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  • Material Property Test
    Material is the basis of vehicle manufacturing. Excellent material performance is the premise and guarantee of vehicle comfort and safety. With the increasingly perfect functions of various new models and the constant pursuit of people's feeling of riding, the requirements for material performance of automobile factories are getting higher and higher. AGC Automotive Parts Laboratory can analyze the physical properties and reliability performance of various automotive raw materials and components.
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  • Automotive Electronic Parts Reliability Test
    Reliability testing is to verify the probability of failure of automotive electronic components in various environments or mechanical conditions during use, storage or transportation; good reliability can help to establish word of mouth and occupy the market.
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  • Automotive Electronic Parts EMC Test
    The laboratory is equipped with 1000V/ 200A (maximum 20KW) power supply system to meet the test requirements of new energy automotive components.
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