AYT held a seminar on "Toy Cross-border E-Commerce Trends and Testing and Certification"


Toy cross-border e-commerce trend explanation and testing certification


On August 3, 2019, the Symposium on "Toy Cross-border E-Commerce Trends and Testing and Certification" was hosted by AYT and co-organized by Yida Cross-border E-commerce Selection Exhibition Hall and Huantuo Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Co., Ltd. in Shantou City. Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel has successfully concluded. This seminar is the first authoritative interpretation of the relevant policies and regulations in the field of Amazon toy testing and certification by domestic third-party organizations. It has attracted more than 100 product managers, quality managers and quality managers from the toy-related industries to participate.

01. Opening speech

AYT General Manager's speech

At present, various countries and regions have established strict toy safety regulations and standards, and toys have become one of the highly regulated products in the global market. With the development of society and science and technology, these toy regulatory standards involve more and more projects, and the control of harmful substances is becoming more and more strict. Therefore, for third-party laboratories, can the toy detection ability meet new requirements? It also reflects the comprehensive capabilities of the laboratory.

Amazon is an internationally renowned cross-border e-commerce platform. Whether products can be successfully put on the Amazon platform, not only meets the regulatory requirements of major economies, but also meets the comprehensive requirements of the Amazon platform.

As a subsidiary of AGC, which specializes in toy testing and certification, AYT has an engineering team with 20 years of experience. At the same time, it has accumulated many years of testing and analysis database, and has a new testing program “predicting, rectifying and retesting”. It can help customers “reduce time and production costs” than traditional testing processes.

AYT toy testing relies on a strong parent company background to deeply interpret the dual requirements of international regulations and Amazon platform for customers to protect risks and create higher value for many customers.

02. Amazon e-commerce explanation

Next, Ms. Qi Lianzhi, Director of Physical Testing of AGC Physical and Chemical Engineering Department, explained the details of Amazon E-Commerce's testing and certification standards. The main contents are divided into four parts: Amazon Children's Toys Requirements, Amazon Toys Policy, US Toy Safety Regulations, EU Toy Safety. Regulations.

Through the wonderful explanations from the directors of Mr. Xu and the general staff, the participants learned about the Amazon's relevant policy requirements and local laws and regulations that children's toys need to meet on Amazon's platform sales, so as to ensure that the products save time and cost in the process of listing, and enhance market confidence. Reduce security claims disputes, improve customer satisfaction and product market competitiveness. During the seminar, the guests were applauded and the atmosphere was warmer.

03. Analysis of global development trends

At the meeting, Yida Exhibition Hall conducted an in-depth analysis of the Chinese manufacturing industry and discussed new ways for traditional factories. It also made in-depth analysis and suggestions on the global development trend of toys and maternal and child products, and called on toy manufacturers to upgrade and gradually approach or even Beyond the new regulatory requirements of European and American countries, China's toy manufacturing industry will move to a new height. The vendors present were very enthusiastic and gave warm applause.

04. Tea break and guest questions

Participants enthusiastically asked questions and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the trend of cross-border e-commerce and the standards of testing and certification.


AYT was established by AGC and ULD in 2017. It has established branches in Hong Kong, Dongguan and Shantou with Shenzhen as its headquarters, forming a professional third-party testing and certification service agency focusing on toy products testing and certification.

AYT has two 3 m French semi-anechoic chambers, two CTTL RTSB-A systems, three SAR systems, multiple inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometers and gas chromatographs, and other professional chemistry, physics, batteries, reliability, etc. The laboratory, which covers all toy types and related standards, provides one-stop testing and certification services for the toy industry.

AYT has an engineering team with 20 years of experience. At the same time, it has accumulated many years of testing and analysis database. It has a new testing program, “predicting, rectifying and retesting”. It can help customers to reduce time more than traditional testing processes. And production costs."

In the face of the future, AYT adheres to the tenet of “Technology as the core and quality as the brand”, and strives to realize the ideal of “China's first toy testing institution”!

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