• Battery duty-free inspection
    Summary As portable battery, mobile power source, has been applied in every aspect of modern life, become a indispensable necessities of human life, industrial production, but the resulting environmental problems, are increasingly being more and more attention. All countries have adopted measures to control the battery pollution problem.  As battery production power, the Chinese government is to spare no effort to develop environmentally friendly battery products. On January 26, 2015, the national Treasury, according to the joint administration of taxation jointly issued a since February 1, 2015 for batteries, paint, in the production, processing and import links, impose consumption tax, in order to pass the tax means, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. AGC battery detection type lithium battery: Lithium Ion Battery、Li-polymer Battery、telecom equipment power supply、Model aircraft power supply、Medical equipment power supply、Beauty equipment power supply、large power batteries、Energy storage power supply etc; power battery: Such as dynamic vehicle batteries、Electric vehicle road car battery、Power tools battery、Hybrid electric vehicle batteries, etc; lead-acid battery: Such as car start with lead-acid battery、stationary lad-acid batteries、Small valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, etc; Small secondary battery: Such as laptop battery、Digital camera battery、camera battery、All kinds of cylindrical batteries、The wireless communication battery、Portable DVD battery、CD and MP3 battery, etc; primary battery: Such as alkaline zinc manganese batteries, lithium manganese battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc Standards and Regulations The United Nations about the proposal for dangerous goods transportation test and standard manual "in the part 3 38.3 requirements (lithium battery UN38.3); IEC 62133-2012; GB/T 18287-2013; GB 31241 2013/56/EU battery directive test; UL 1642-2012; UL 2054-2011; IEC 61960-2011; IEC 61951.1-2013; GB/T8897.2-2013; Other kinds of battery test standard. Routine Test items: Items Requirement safety requirements Overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, heavy impact, thermal shock, high current discharge, squeezing, forced discharge, etc Discharge Performance 20℃ Discharge, high and low temperature discharge performance; environmental suitability test Such as temperature cycle, constant humid heat, vibration, impact, free fall, etc safety performance test: Such as over charging protection, discharge protection, short circuit protection performance, etc Accounts receivable battery consumption tax exemption for environmental testing Mercury etc. Other Charged retention/cycle life/altitude simulation test/electrostatic discharge (ESD) test, etc Lithium battery UN38.3 test: Height imitation test External short circuit test temperature test Collision/extrusion test vibration test Excessive charging test impact test Forced discharge test 1.2 meters drop test
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