Breaking news | AGC unveiled the 4th Asia Pacific Battery Show in 2019


“2019 4th Asia Pacific Battery Show/Asia Power Battery and Energy Storage Technology Summit and Exhibition” was successfully held in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex from August 16th to 18th, 2019. AGC Xinyuhuan Testing and Guangdong Battery Industry Association The group participated in the event.


During this short three-day exhibition period, the AGC booth in E541 in Zone 4.1 was extremely popular. AGC exchanged dialogues with business leaders, experts and scholars from all over the world, and elite representatives from all walks of life to gather wisdom of ideas and collude in a professional perspective. The industry has made great progress and reached a number of consensus and cooperation plans, which won praises from the industry.

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Comprehensive understanding of battery integrated service solutions

The AGC Battery Lab has been accredited by CNAS and CMA. It is also a CBTL laboratory and CQC authorized laboratory. It has a professional technical team, specializing in researching changes in battery standards in various countries, and maintaining good interaction and cooperation with internationally renowned institutions. Provides highly flexible one-stop testing and certification service solutions for manufacturers, distributors and importers in the new energy industry, with easy and convenient access to multi-national markets.


The battery laboratory is equipped with leading testing equipment and instruments. It provides testing and certification services for various new energy products according to relevant standards of major countries and regions such as China, EU, North America, Asia Pacific, etc. The products involved mainly include lithium ion batteries and lithium. Polymer batteries, lithium metal batteries, primary batteries, nickel batteries, lead-acid batteries and small power batteries, etc., to ensure that the battery products meet the requirements of safety, performance, storage, transportation, chemical and electromagnetic compatibility, is reliable in the battery industry. Partner.

Battery Test Service Product Range
1. Various small-power secondary batteries (such as batteries for electric vehicles, batteries for balancing vehicles, batteries for power tools, etc.)
2. a variety of mobile phone batteries (such as lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc.)
3. a variety of small secondary batteries (such as laptop batteries, digital camera batteries, camera batteries, a variety of cylindrical batteries,
Wireless communication battery, portable DVD battery, CD and MP3 player battery, etc.)
4. a variety of primary batteries (such as alkaline zinc manganese batteries, lithium manganese batteries, etc.)

Battery service type
1. Safe Transportation Testing Service
2. Safety Certification Service
3. Multinational Transfer Service International Certification Service
4. Reliability Testing Service
5. EMC certification service EMC Testing Certification Service
6. Chemical Testing Service
7. Electrochemical Analysis Service Electrochemical Testing Service

By continuously understanding the needs of the development of the industry, AGC provides a new guarantee for the development of China's battery industry and trade services based on the different requirements of customers, advanced equipment, professional services and comprehensive comprehensive solutions!

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