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    Summary IECEE CB system is the first truly international system of mutual recognition of electrical product safety test report, aims to assist participating countries and certification bodies established multilateral agreement, mutual recognition of test reports. Manufacturers can rely on an CB test certificate issued by NCB to obtain national certification of other Member States in CB system. CB system is based on the international IEC standards. You can apply for certification in other countries directly after obtaining CB certificate and CB test reports. Certification bodies of the target country audit the CB Test Certificate and Report (including reports on national deviations) for review (if necessary, to provide a small amount of sample). If qualified, you can get certification in the country, without having to be applied in accordance with State statutes and rules of procedure for additional tests. The main objective of the CB system is to promote international trade, by means through promoting the harmonization of national standards with international standards and product certification bodies cooperation, which enables the manufacturer get closer to the ideal of "one test, multiple applicable" goal. AGC have a good cooperation relationship with TUV SUD, ITS, Eurofins , UL and China and other institutions, we can help customers to complete the CB certification easily and quickly. For more CB certification issues, please contact AGC.
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