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    Summary China Compulsory Certificate for short,CCC certificate or 3C certificate. In December 2001,AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China) issued 《Mandatory product certification regulations 》,Imported goods safety quality license system and the system of electrical product safety certification was instead of mandatory product certification system. .It is a kind of the statutory compulsory safety certification system. It is also a basic practice which is widely used in the world to protect consumers' rights , protect consumers personal property safety. 《Implementation of the compulsory product certification product catalogs》 includes Household appliances, Cars, Safety glass, Medical apparatus and instruments, Electric wires, Toys and so on. The CQC is designated for 3C certificate work for 18 categories of 146 kinds of products of CCC catalogs . Main business of the CQC includes China Compulsion Certification, CQC mark certification, the voluntary product certification pushed by state(good agricultural standard certification, The organic product certification etc..).CQC is also The third party certification body authorized by state to carry out energy efficiency, water conservation and Environmental protection product certification. The quantity of customers to do certification is the first of the certification body in the nation and the forefront of national certification body. CCC label:  Application requirements Application requirements:CCC Certification Lead Time About 50 working days。 Information required for CCC certification: 1、 An original application form.(Sign company chop and name of applicant on following places ): 1)Authorizer signature 2)Signature authorized by bailor of certification. 2、Business License of CHINA Mainland 3、Company organization code certificate of CHINA Mainland( 4、ODM/OEM agreement(It`s needed if manufacturer is different from producer with singed by both,If manufacturer,producer,applicant are all different,It will be needed singed by all) 5、The Original Certificates.(Applicable to change certificate contents). (Please pay attention to the Valid Date of new certificate,so when changes are required to return the original certificate ).  6、Original factory inspection questionnaire.(Applicable to Factory first application , sign producer company chop will be needed) Information required for SMQ 1、Schematics Diagram. 2、PCB plans 3、List of EMC key pieces 4、List of Safety key pieces 5、Differences Description(Applicable to several models) 6、CB reports & Certificates(Applicable to CB certificate change to CCC certificate)  7、Chinese nameplate 8、CCC Certificate of Power Adapter(Applicable to there are Power Adapters) 9、50% prepayment for customers without agreement 10、If original reports not issued by SMQ, should provide original Electronic reports. 11、Frontpage of both Factory inspection report and Lease Contract. 12、Electronic reports or copies of Original certificates.(Applicable to Change Request) 13、09 and 16 categories of products needed to provide The highest frequency of internal product produced or when using. CCC certificate sample quantities needed:Depending on the Specific product or standard.  Q&A Q1.what conditions need to examine factory? A:First time to do this type of product requires examine factory. Q2.Lead time for examining factory? A: Determined by schedule .(It is rather changeable ,depending on the actual situation).Actually,about20 working days. Q3.How long to issue certificates? A:CCC Type Test is about 8~12 working days,examine factory is about 20 working days。Examine factory finished, in the case of non-conformity items are completely closed,it will cost 10 working days. Q4.Cost of CCC ? A:About RMB20000~RMB22000,depending on specific product or Standard.(Not including Service charges and so on)
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