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    Summary CE certification, that is, the product does not endanger the safety of human, animal and animal safety requirements, rather than the general quality requirements, coordination of instruction only provides the main requirements, the general directive is a standard task. So the exact meaning is: the CE logo is a safe and qualified mark, but not the quality mark. Is the main requirements of the core of the European directive". "CE" logo is a safety certification mark, which is deemed to be the manufacturer's passport to open and enter the European market. CE on behalf of the European Union. In the EU market "CE" logo is a compulsory certification mark, whether it is the EU's products produced by enterprises, or other products, to free circulation in the EU market, it must be affixed with CE logo, to show that the product is in line with the EU's technical coordination and standardization of new methods, the basic requirements of the directive. This is a mandatory requirement of the EU law on the product. Application requirements Type Wireless class CE Authority NB0700 (PHOENIX) NB0678(EMCC)  Lead Time 0700: 15 working days 0678: 20 working days Local testing request Follow R&TTE instruction Local representative request No Document request Block Diagram,  Schematic Diagram  PCB Layout  Parts Placement  Parts List  User Manual  Operational Description Sample 5 sets Others No Type Non wireless class COC Authority NB0700 (PHOENIX) Lead Time 2-3 Working days Local testing request According to product type Local representative request No Document request 1.Schematic Diagram  2.User Manual) Sample q'ty 2-3 sets Remark No Difference between GS and CE GS CE non-compulsory Compulsory Germany Europe Authorized by the German government to detect and issue third party On the basis of complete technical documents (including test report) can be declared on its own CE Must pay an annual fee No annual fee Factory inspection must be carried out every year No factory inspection By the authorized test unit to issue GS logo, credibility and market acceptance Factory to product compliance self declaration, the credibility and market acceptance of low Q&A Q1.How many kinds of CE certifications? A:CE certification divided into Original project,Project filing and Secondary authentication. Q2.Differences among Original project, Project filing and Secondary authentication.? A:Original project is the project applied for the product for the first time ; Project filing is to change applier, manufacturer, model, trademark and other basic information based on the foundation of the project has been completed, and to re-apply for a certificate; Secondary authentication is to do difference testings when there is structure differences among the samples,which is also based on the foundation of the project has been completed,and re-submit a new application for a certificate . Q3.What conditions can do Project filing? A:Project filing is to change applier, manufacturer, model, trademark and other basic information based on the same product of original project.Therefore, the change of basic information could appy for Project filing on the premise that the samples unchange. Q4. Project filing will add new reports or not ? The certificate will update the reports or not? A:It’s will not request to submit original reports when applying for Project filing, so it will change basic information, but will not change other information such as the report number and so on; Q5.What conditions can do Secondary authentication? A:Secondary certification is based on the original project, the sample board unchanged, but sample structure changes, such as the appearance of the sample changes, screen size changes, GSM antenna changes, some cases like replacement of adapter or battery, can do Second application. Q6.How to do do Secondary authentication? A:Secondary authentication is on the basis of original project.It will do difference testings according to the actual sample differences, and then issue as well as submitting difference testing reports to apply for a certificate. Q7.Differences amony Project filing certificate, Original project certificate and Secondary authentication certificate? A:Project filing is to apply for the change of manufacturer, brand, model, basic information ,which is based on the original project ,so the other information will follow the original project except related basic information change, , such as the report number relevant technical parameters. Due to add difference testings and resubmitted test reports for review, Secondary authentication certificate will change the basis information as well as using new report number based on original project,, but the related technical parameters will not change; In addition, whether Project filing certificate or Secondary authentication certificate, it will be noted with the original project certificate number on the remark.
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