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  • NCC
    Summary Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC: National Communication Commission), NCC requires all telecommunications terminal equipment, low-power RF radio frequency controlled motor and telecommunications equipment all need to get in the future in the form of recognition, before being sold on the market. Label:  Application requirements NCC (RF) Authority NCC Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time 4 weeks or so Sample quantity At least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form 申请商营利事业登记证,需加盖彩色大小章 Chinese traditional User Manual+NCC Warning Schematic Diagram Black Diagram Product specification Antenna specification Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark 1, Model Regulation: a certificate stands for one model of one trademark; 2, Taiwan's applicant must provide the license for running the business of controlled telecommunications equipment via RF, and the profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate must be the Download version. Discover the latest version of profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate URL:
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  • BSMI
    Summary BSMI  is the English abbreviation of "Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection". According to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs bulletin, from July 1, 2005, product entering Taiwan must be implemented the regulatory for two aspects: electromagnetic compatibility and safety. Depending on the product, which will be divided into the following three authentication methods: batch type approval test; authentication login; declaration of conformity. Label:  Application requirements BSMI (EMC+Safety) Authority BSMI Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time Compliance statement about 2 weeks Verification of the landing & type approval for 5 weeks Sample quantity At least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form Commodity verification login application form (Checklist form) 申请商营利事业登记证,需加盖彩色大小章 Chinese instruction User Manual 繁体中文Label Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location BOM/Parts List Other specified file Note 1, Go to the website if BSMI to find whether products are regulated products:  2, the certification cycle vary depending on the different of products;  3, credentials vary depending on different products;
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  • OFTA
    Summary OFTA certification is the former Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority (the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, OFTA) of Hong Kong for short communications product certification program. From April 1, 2012, the functions and responsibilities of the Broadcasting Authority and the Telecommunications Authority (TA) has been merged into the Communications Authority (Communications Authority OFCA: the Office of the Communications Authority, www.coms-auth .hk,), as the regulation of the broadcasting industry and the telecommunications industry, a single regulatory body. Meanwhile, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority and the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority under the relevant divisions, have merged into the Office of the Communications Authority (Communications Office, as the executive arm of Communication Board. All approval for radio communication equipment used in Hong Kong are required to meet the technical specification developed by the Communications Authority (Communications Authority). For products sold in Hong Kong, such as: Radio communications equipment (such as 409 MHz walkie-talkies, citizens band radios, cordless phones, wireless microphones, wireless LAN equipment, audio and video transmitters), should post signs (such as shown) of Communications Authority on the body or the box.
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  • SRRC
    Summary Radio transmitting equipment type approval refers to the radio transmitting equipment put into use before the research, production, import, purchase, technical indicators, in accordance with the parameters of the frequency spectrum technology management system. "Radio regulations of the People's Republic of China" regulation, development, production and import of radio transmitting equipment working frequency and frequency shall be in conformity with the provisions on the administration of the radio, and submitted to the radio administration agency for approval or for the record. For radio equipment testing, certification before entering the market is the world of radio management practice, from the source to reduce radio interference, ensure the spectrum scientific, reasonable and effective management, unified use of important technical means. SRRC approval is the main content about the frequency of radio transmitting equipment, spectrum, transmission power, frequency tolerance, bandwidth (or emission signal spectrum characteristics of), out-of-band emission and stray emission spectrum parameters, such as nuclear. Limited spectrum resources is directly related to the spectrum parameters can be scientific use of order can get effective protection, air waves, radio safety can be powerful guarantee.  Application requirements Lead time: at least 35 working days(Not included in the provincial Commission for the first instance) Materials needed for certification: Approved by the radio transmitting equipment model in the application form; The approval of radio transmitting equipment model of a power of attorney "; Operating instructions; Specifications; Schematic circuit diagram; Principle diagram; PCB diagram; A figure; Photos (positive and negative motherboard according); Rf line attenuation values; Test specification; Antenna gain; Driver and software; The company's business license; Company profile (development course, technical ability, production capacity, quality warranty card system) quality management system certification. Quantity of samples: Download Q&A Q1:What circumstances need provincial Commission for the first instance, period how long? A:First product need to save each year provincial Commission for the first instance, the first trial cycle related to company province WuWei testing cycles are usually is 5 working days. Q2:The approval for examination and approval of time how long? A:20 working days or so can a type approval certificate. Q3:What information is required by the provincial Commission for examination A: The approval of radio transmitting equipment model in the application form, the original and the copy of business license, basic condition and quality guarantee system to apply for the unit, and last year's radio equipment production and sales, the radio enterprise annual production situation table, equipment, color a (embody application units, the structure of the equipment model, serial number, size). 。
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  • CTA
    Summary Countries to access public telecommunication network using the radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, involving the network interconnection network access of telecommunications equipment for licensing. A network access license system of telecom equipment must obtain network access license issued by the ministry of information industry; Didn't get get licence may access using public telecommunication networks and in the domestic sales. Telecommunications equipment directory network licensing system shall be supervised by the ministry of information industry in conjunction with the product quality supervision department under the state council and promulgated. Telecommunications equipment manufacturing enterprises (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) to apply for network access of telecommunications equipment permits must conform to the laws, regulations and policy provisions of the state. Network licensing telecom equipment must conform to the state standards, communication industry standards and the provisions of the ministry of information industry. Telecommunications equipment manufacturing enterprises shall have perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service measures. Production enterprises to apply for network access of telecommunications equipment permits, shall be attached to the product quality supervision department under the state council approved and issued by the testing agency authorized by ministry of information industry issued by the test report or certification body product quality certification. Testing institutions to test the network licensing of telecommunications equipment basis, test procedures and test report issued shall meet the national or the provisions of the ministry of information industry.  Application requirements Lead time: 30 working days(not include the time for reform) materials needed for certification Hardware Materials: Prototype, chargers(need through the CCC certification), battery, false electricity, cable (with fixed magnetic ring, magnetic ring need and to indicate the type, specification, manufacturer information), headphones, a set of complete packaging, RF line, PCB panel, shell (including shell, keyboard, Lens, motor) Documentation: 1、System board chip and open declaration, both the photo color 2、The double card statement, bluetooth statement 3、Sample of technical confirmation slip 4、Send the technical parameters of confirm the table 5、Electromagnetic compatibility list, security components list 6、Mobile: BOM, printing circuit diagram, the schematic circuit diagram, the explosion diagram 7、Manual 8、MTnet equipment inspection confirmation 9、Telecom equipment introduction 10、Mobile telephone survey 11、BOMmainboard BOM and complete machine BOM 12、Battery statement tables, specification 13、The fuselage characters and patterns 14、Smartphones provide the intelligent terminal software configuration information form Quantity of samples for CTA: Depending on the specific product or system  Q&A Q1: What data to need for CTA? A:Application unit, scheme, patch, after-sales network is introduced; The latest relevant certificates, such as business license, environmental protection approval, certificate of ISO system, and build official seal; Relevant original documents; Company photo; Legal person contact information and id card scan. Q2: How long does it take after CTA is accepted? A:20 working days (Periodic change is bigger, the actual shall prevail)。 Q3: CTA premise to prepare A: Models need to be confirmed, to ensure the only available; Can apply for IMEI after confirmation, if the CDMA products, need MEID; Prototype production must keep consistent with the listed products.
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  • CCC
    Summary China Compulsory Certificate for short,CCC certificate or 3C certificate. In December 2001,AQSIQ(General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China) issued 《Mandatory product certification regulations 》,Imported goods safety quality license system and the system of electrical product safety certification was instead of mandatory product certification system. .It is a kind of the statutory compulsory safety certification system. It is also a basic practice which is widely used in the world to protect consumers' rights , protect consumers personal property safety. 《Implementation of the compulsory product certification product catalogs》 includes Household appliances, Cars, Safety glass, Medical apparatus and instruments, Electric wires, Toys and so on. The CQC is designated for 3C certificate work for 18 categories of 146 kinds of products of CCC catalogs . Main business of the CQC includes China Compulsion Certification, CQC mark certification, the voluntary product certification pushed by state(good agricultural standard certification, The organic product certification etc..).CQC is also The third party certification body authorized by state to carry out energy efficiency, water conservation and Environmental protection product certification. The quantity of customers to do certification is the first of the certification body in the nation and the forefront of national certification body. CCC label:  Application requirements Application requirements:CCC Certification Lead Time About 50 working days。 Information required for CCC certification: 1、 An original application form.(Sign company chop and name of applicant on following places ): 1)Authorizer signature 2)Signature authorized by bailor of certification. 2、Business License of CHINA Mainland 3、Company organization code certificate of CHINA Mainland( 4、ODM/OEM agreement(It`s needed if manufacturer is different from producer with singed by both,If manufacturer,producer,applicant are all different,It will be needed singed by all) 5、The Original Certificates.(Applicable to change certificate contents). (Please pay attention to the Valid Date of new certificate,so when changes are required to return the original certificate ).  6、Original factory inspection questionnaire.(Applicable to Factory first application , sign producer company chop will be needed) Information required for SMQ 1、Schematics Diagram. 2、PCB plans 3、List of EMC key pieces 4、List of Safety key pieces 5、Differences Description(Applicable to several models) 6、CB reports & Certificates(Applicable to CB certificate change to CCC certificate)  7、Chinese nameplate 8、CCC Certificate of Power Adapter(Applicable to there are Power Adapters) 9、50% prepayment for customers without agreement 10、If original reports not issued by SMQ, should provide original Electronic reports. 11、Frontpage of both Factory inspection report and Lease Contract. 12、Electronic reports or copies of Original certificates.(Applicable to Change Request) 13、09 and 16 categories of products needed to provide The highest frequency of internal product produced or when using. CCC certificate sample quantities needed:Depending on the Specific product or standard.  Q&A Q1.what conditions need to examine factory? A:First time to do this type of product requires examine factory. Q2.Lead time for examining factory? A: Determined by schedule .(It is rather changeable ,depending on the actual situation).Actually,about20 working days. Q3.How long to issue certificates? A:CCC Type Test is about 8~12 working days,examine factory is about 20 working days。Examine factory finished, in the case of non-conformity items are completely closed,it will cost 10 working days. Q4.Cost of CCC ? A:About RMB20000~RMB22000,depending on specific product or Standard.(Not including Service charges and so on)
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  • IDA
    Summary Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore), the statutory body responsible for information and communication management. iDA use and management of telecommunications products, mainly based on technical specifications developed by iDA, who need to sell or telecommunications equipment used in Singapore are required to apply iDA. Application requirements IDA Type RF / Telecom device Authority IDA Certification method SDoC / Certification Local representative request Yes (who has telecommunication dealer’s license) Local testing request No Lead time 2~3 weeks Sample q’ty at least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form CE-RF report Related information of the local representative User Manual Product Specification Schematic Diagram Black Diagram BOM PCB Layout & Location External & Internal Photos of EUT Label &Local & Size Remark 1, the certificate is valid for 3 years;  2, the report needs to be qualified;
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    Summary The announcement of KCC-2008-108 file on August 7, 2007, the Korea Communications Commission announced (KCC, Korea Communications Commission) to replace the previous South Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC, Ministry of Information and Communication). KCC certification is the mandatory certification for telecommunications equipment and products based in Korea "Telecommunications Basic Law" and "Radio Wave" implementation. Korea Communications Commission is responsible for the management of telecommunications products, which authorized the RRA(Radio Research Agency) for certification bodies, for the implementation of specific product certification. KCC certification is certified by the previous MIC certification accredited laboratory for conformance testing of Korea, issued approval certificate issued by the RRA. KCC was renamed MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning) according to the latest Korean regulations KCC. KC label The specific content of the new regulations of KCC mark: 1, Begin with MSIP instead of KCC of the KCC certificate / registration number from the original . 2, Starting from 1 July 2,2013, Submission of applications to the NRRA, the system automatically generates MSIP-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX form named in the certificate / registration number. 3, Labels which contained KCC-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX form naming certificate / registration number of the certificate which had been obtained before July 1st2013, can be used until 30 September 2013. 4, Products shipped to South Korea after October 1st,2013 must use label in the form of MSIP-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. KCC证书号码解析   ①The first four codes are MSIP : Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning ②Authentication type  Authentication type Indicating Certification C Registration R Interim I ③Test section Test section Indicating Radio R Telecommunication T Electromagnetic E Mixer M ④Application type  Application type Indicating Manufacture M Import I Sale S ⑤Applicants ID:. Three-digits code consists of English letters or numbers; the first time applicant do not have the Company ID,  which will be generated and permanently represent the applicant after applying for KCC. ⑥Product ID: Self-encoded by the applicants , among which can use letters, numbers or link sign "-", up to 14 digits maximum. KC labeling requirements Product labels can be resized with the product, but the height should not be less than 5mm, unless the product size is very small, such as: storage device, etc ... which can be able to adjust the height. Label Color: basic KC LOGO color is indigo. If there are special reasons for not using Indigo, you can use the following colors (gold, silver, and black). Gold/ Silver can be used with a special glow / shiny printing results, or any monochrome. Application requirements Type ITE device (EMC) Authority RRA Certification method EMC Registration Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time 3~4weeks Sample q’ty at least 1 set Basic Files AGC Application form Korean User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram Type RF &Telecom device Authority RRA Certification method Type approval Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time 4~5weeks ample q’ty at least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form Korean User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location BOM/Parts List Business license for application and manufacturer Antenna Specification (Include model name, air line, gain, pointing, characteristic, manufacturer, manufacturing country, partial wave character, radiation pattern, etc.) Channel List Modulation,Nomodulation Program, Operating instructions Test program Safety Approval Authority MIC Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time CB report for 4~5 weeks (excluding work inspection) No CB 5~7 report week (excluding workers) Sample q’ty at least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form Korean User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location BOM/Parts List Remark 1, the need for factory audit; 2, the control products are all used for the 50V~1000V and AC power supply of electrical products
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    Summary Wireless products exported to Indonesia, must pass the type certification and customs inspection of Indonesia SDPPI.  Indonesia Postal electricity Letter Administration (Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication, DGPT) became mandatory since June 2009, Indonesian ban offshore companies for being type approval holder.  Safety requirements for low-power devices are not mandatory in Indonesia. 2.4 GH and 5 GHz radio certification is a mandatory requirement POSTEL certification.  Application requirements Indonesia certification application, you need to provide a local Indonesian company as a certificate holder who had been authorized by the foreign manufacturer. Indonesia Local companies allow certificate holders as vendors local agents, local wholesale or local brokers. (You need Indonesia local test).  In order to meet the requirement for local companies as certificate holders, local companies need to provide the documents below. File must contain: A.act of association copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "aktapendirian") number copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "NPWP") registration copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "TDP") D.import license copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "NPIK") In addition, you need to provide relevant technical information and application forms as well as providing information on local agents (certificate only distributed to local dealers) SDPPI Authority DGPT Local representative request Yes Local testing request Yes Lead time 6~8 weeks Sample quantity At least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark Starting in September 1, 2014 SDPPI certificate no longer A certificate and B certificate longer A certificate and B certificate; 2.Manufacturers or importers can directly apply for SDPPI certificates; 3.The certificate is valid for three years, but can only be extended for three years. Six years later, the certificate needs to be postponed, only a new application. 4.Since November 14, 2014, all of the products with BT and WLAN function must provide direct measurement of the prototype, the policy has been canceled for the Bluetooth products can accept the normal prototype.
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  • WPC
    Summary India Wireless Planning and Coordination Bureau on behalf of the Department of Telecommunications in India to issue form accreditation for import and sale of radio equipment in the Indian market.  Wireless products exported to India need to do WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing) Certification. Application requirements WPC (RF) Local representative request Yes Local testing request No, CE reports Lead time 6~8 weeks Sample q’ty N/A Basic Files AGC Application form Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark 针对无线发射类产品 TEC (Telecom Engineering Center) Authority Telecom Engineering Center Local representative request Yes Local testing request Yes Lead time 8 weeks Sample q’ty At least 4 sets Basic Files AGC Application form Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark Only Telecom terminal products
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    Summary SIRIM is the only certification authority of Malaysia, electrical and electronic products exported to Malaysia are required to apply for recognition of SIRIM Cert. In principle, the applicants should be Malaysian local institutions. SIRIM certification application and management is charged by SIRIM QAS. Malaysia imposed compulsory product certification system is divided into two kinds of certification and voluntary certification. Communications equipment and "Electrical Equipment approve Article Example "set forth in 31 categories of electrical products subject to mandatory type certification and safety certification, respectively. Other products are in the Voluntary certification category. At present, for electromagnetic compatibility, there are not mandatory requirements in Malaysia. SIRIM Mark Malaysia has a lot of different kinds of products to meet the requirements of CB IECEE system. MS marks and ST marks are the voluntary and compulsory safety signs of the products exported to Malaysia. Application requirements IRIM (RF/Telecom device) Authority SIRIM Certification method Type approval Local representative request Yes  Local testing request Yes Lead time 8weeks Sample q’ty at least 2 sets Basic Files AGC  Application form User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location RF module’s SPEC CE-RF+EMC+Safety reports Remark 1, Samples are not able to be delivered until the import permit is released to the local rep. 2, Labels must be purchased from SIRIM. 3, Only the certificate holder could import shipment and purchase labels from SIRIM, so each importer must have their own certificate.
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  • VCCI Certification
    Summary VCCI is a symbol of Japan's electromagnetic compatibility,which is controlled by Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment.According to CISPR 22 assessment of information technology products are in compliance with VCCI requirements.VCCI certification is not mandatory,But selling information technology products in Japan , generally will be required for VCCI certification.Manufacturers should first apply to become a member of VCCI,then they can use VCCI symbol.In order to obtain the approval of VCCI, the EMI test report provided must be issued by VCCI registration approved testing agency. Application requirements EMC Approval Authority VCCI Local representative request No Local testing request No Lead Time 1~2 weeks Sample q’ty At least 1 sets Basic Files AGC application form User manual 产品规格书 Circuit diagram Black Diagram BOM list PCB Layout / PCB Location Remark 1, Voluntary certification 2, Applicants should become a member of VCCI
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