Congratulations on the inaugural meeting and awarding ceremony of the Guangdong Battery Industry Association


On the afternoon of August 17, 2019, the inaugural meeting and awarding ceremony of the Guangdong Battery Industry Association was successfully held in Guangzhou Pazhou Royal Restaurant. AGC was fortunate to be invited to attend the ceremony. Together with more than 600 guests from the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, Friendship Association, battery industry chain leaders, industry experts and media organizations, a total of more than 600 people gathered to celebrate the establishment of a ceremony to witness this Historic moments.

▲ Deputy Director of the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province

The banquet was kicked off by the majestic national anthem. Zhuang Kan, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, read the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department for agreeing to establish the Guangdong Battery Industry Association and congratulated the establishment of the association. Subsequently, the flag-raising ceremony was held. The president of the association, Zhao Guoqiang, and the executive president, Tang Xinping, received the flag.

▲ President of the Association Zhao Guoqiang (left) and Executive President Tang Xinping (right)

Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Battery Industry Association, Zhao Guoqiang, Tang Xinping, Tang Changjiang, Lu Jiezhong, Yan Dehong, Niu Wenbin, Liu Chunxi and Supervisor Hu Changqing as the core leadership of the association, and the deputy director of the Civil Affairs Department Zhuang Wei, China Battery Chairman of the Industrial Association, Zhao Jinsheng, Honorary President Chen Buzhen, Zeng Jianyun, Fang Yubin, Xu Hanliang, Jin Huifen, BYD CTO Liu Weiping, Association Executive Vice President Liu Wenjie and Guo Daochuan jointly launched the launching ceremony. This marks the official establishment of the Guangdong Battery Industry Association, and the battery industry in Guangdong has entered a new era.

▲ Launching Ceremony

As one of the founders of the association, Mr. Tang Changjiang, the AGC shareholder, was appointed by the entire membership committee as the first secretary-general of the association. After the distinguished guests and the president made a wonderful speech, the Secretary-General Tang Changjiang represented the association for future development strategy. planning.

▲ Secretary-General of the First Association Tang Changjiang

Secretary Tang said that the battery industry expert committee to be established by the association will set up six expert committees for battery technology, quality standards, battery safety, intelligent manufacturing, materials and enterprise management; it will cover all magazines, public numbers, websites and self-media. Orientation information platform; provide members with public welfare training, industry-university-research docking, industry forum, consultation, publicity and other comprehensive services; and develop industry self-discipline conventions and Guangdong battery industry planning.

▲ AGC elected as vice president unit

With years of experience and achievements in the field of battery testing and certification, AGC was elected as the vice president unit in the first council of the association, and the chairman and general manager of the company, Mr. Zhang Guibing, was hired by the association as the director of the battery quality standards committee, AGC will Take this as a new starting point, lay a solid foundation, and continue to work hard to become the most reliable partner in the battery industry!

Riding the wind and breaking the waves
   Join hands and take a new journey!
I wish the battery industry in Guangdong Province
Earn glory early and create history
     Meet the bright future.

About Guangdong Battery Industry Association

The Guangdong Battery Industry Association is a community organization approved by the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department. The business guidance unit is the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission. It also accepts the business of the relevant departments of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry, the Department of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other government functions. guide. The president unit is the Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The current business scope of the association includes:

(1) Participate in the formulation and organization of the development plan for the battery industry in Guangdong Province.

(2) Promoting the construction of a public service platform for the battery industry in Guangdong Province.

(3) Participate in the guidance and do a good job in industry standards and quality management.

(4) Organizing and promoting technological innovation and technological progress.

(5) Maintaining industrial safety and establishing an early warning mechanism.

(6) Providing consulting services.

(7) Strengthening industry self-discipline.

(8) Conducting exchanges and cooperation between the country and the country.

(9) To undertake other tasks authorized or entrusted by the Guangdong Provincial Government and relevant departments.

About AGC

AGC is a comprehensive third-party testing and certification organization that integrates inspection, identification, testing, certification and technical services. Founded in 2005, the company is headquartered in Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Its service outlets are located in more than ten hot cities in China, including Shenzhen, Wuhan and Beijing. The total laboratory area is over 10,000 square meters and the total number of employees exceeds 400.

The company's main business is electrical and electronic products testing and certification, automotive parts testing, general consumer goods physical and chemical testing, environmental monitoring, occupational health testing and evaluation and other comprehensive services; in communications equipment, batteries, Bluetooth certification, cross-border e-commerce and many more The testing and certification capabilities and industry scale of the fields are at the leading level in China.

The accreditation authorizations that AGC has obtained, including CNAS, CMA, TAF, A2LA, CPSC, have also been authorized by CQC, ISTA, TUV (visual witness laboratory), BABT accredited testing laboratory (RTF), BQTF issued by SIG, It has signed cooperation agreements with many authoritative organizations such as FCC, ETL, CEC, UL, IC, TUV, ITS, DGM, Phoenix, Luxcontrol SA, etc., to provide efficient and efficient one-stop service for product testing and certification.

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