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    Summary Countries to access public telecommunication network using the radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, involving the network interconnection network access of telecommunications equipment for licensing. A network access license system of telecom equipment must obtain network access license issued by the ministry of information industry; Didn't get get licence may access using public telecommunication networks and in the domestic sales. Telecommunications equipment directory network licensing system shall be supervised by the ministry of information industry in conjunction with the product quality supervision department under the state council and promulgated. Telecommunications equipment manufacturing enterprises (hereinafter referred to as enterprises) to apply for network access of telecommunications equipment permits must conform to the laws, regulations and policy provisions of the state. Network licensing telecom equipment must conform to the state standards, communication industry standards and the provisions of the ministry of information industry. Telecommunications equipment manufacturing enterprises shall have perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service measures. Production enterprises to apply for network access of telecommunications equipment permits, shall be attached to the product quality supervision department under the state council approved and issued by the testing agency authorized by ministry of information industry issued by the test report or certification body product quality certification. Testing institutions to test the network licensing of telecommunications equipment basis, test procedures and test report issued shall meet the national or the provisions of the ministry of information industry.  Application requirements Lead time: 30 working days(not include the time for reform) materials needed for certification Hardware Materials: Prototype, chargers(need through the CCC certification), battery, false electricity, cable (with fixed magnetic ring, magnetic ring need and to indicate the type, specification, manufacturer information), headphones, a set of complete packaging, RF line, PCB panel, shell (including shell, keyboard, Lens, motor) Documentation: 1、System board chip and open declaration, both the photo color 2、The double card statement, bluetooth statement 3、Sample of technical confirmation slip 4、Send the technical parameters of confirm the table 5、Electromagnetic compatibility list, security components list 6、Mobile: BOM, printing circuit diagram, the schematic circuit diagram, the explosion diagram 7、Manual 8、MTnet equipment inspection confirmation 9、Telecom equipment introduction 10、Mobile telephone survey 11、BOMmainboard BOM and complete machine BOM 12、Battery statement tables, specification 13、The fuselage characters and patterns 14、Smartphones provide the intelligent terminal software configuration information form Quantity of samples for CTA: Depending on the specific product or system  Q&A Q1: What data to need for CTA? A:Application unit, scheme, patch, after-sales network is introduced; The latest relevant certificates, such as business license, environmental protection approval, certificate of ISO system, and build official seal; Relevant original documents; Company photo; Legal person contact information and id card scan. Q2: How long does it take after CTA is accepted? A:20 working days (Periodic change is bigger, the actual shall prevail)。 Q3: CTA premise to prepare A: Models need to be confirmed, to ensure the only available; Can apply for IMEI after confirmation, if the CDMA products, need MEID; Prototype production must keep consistent with the listed products.
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