• Detection of oil and gas recovery
    Summary In order to strengthen the control of oil and gas pollution emission, further improve the ambient air quality, the government has formulated the standards for oil and gas emission, and comprehensively carried out the pollution regulation to the oil and gas emission of oil storage, gasoline station and oil tank truck. According to regulations, the oil and gas pollution control devices must be installed in the newly built, rebuilt and expanded oil storage and gasoline station, and the new oil tank truck. After the pollution regulation, they will meet the demand of National standards for oil and gas pollution emission. According to the oil and gas emission limits, control technology requirements and test method of gasoline station and oil storage stipulated by our government, AGC (Attestation of Global Compliance) provides professional testing services related to oil and gas emission concentration of gasoline station and oil storage, and environmental impact assessment and completion acceptance of newly built, rebuilt and expanded gas stations. Standards and Regulations ■ "Emission standard of air pollutant for bulk gasoline terminals" (GB20950-2007) ■ "Emission standard of air pollutant for gasoline transport" (GB20951-2007) ■ "Emission standard of air pollutant for gasoline filling stations" (GB20952-2007) ■ Emission controls and limits for oil-gas from gas station DB11/208-2003 ■ Measurement technology guidelines for check and accept of air pollution control project for bulk gasoline terminal and gasoline filling station HJ/T431-2008 Test items Project Content Oil-gas emissions from gas station GLR detection, system leakproofness detection, liquid resistance detection and oil-gas concentration detection Oil depot detection Oil-gas concentration detection
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