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    Summary DOE is about Energy efficiency requirements for products managed by US Energy Department,related products must meet federal regulations (10 CFR 430) requirements,it must be registered and recorded to DOE for the previous sales.After that the product could be checked online at DOE official website.For external power supply,Should reach the minimum energy efficiency rating IV grade,and marked out on the product clearly.  Standard basis:Code of Federal Regulations:10CFR429&10CFR430. Between them.10CFR429 provides sample selection specifications and report specifications. 10CFR430 specifies test methods and Declaration of Conformity specification. AGC testing has been recognized by the US Department of Energy,became a qualified laboratory accredited by DOE,which will help you complete the test, submission, registration full set of processes. To learn more about DOE certification ,please contact with our relevant staffs. Summary Taiwan's National Communications Commission (NCC: National Communication Commission), NCC requires all telecommunications terminal equipment, low-power RF radio frequency controlled motor and telecommunications equipment all need to get in the future in the form of recognition, before being sold on the market. Label: Application requirements NCC (RF) Authority NCC Local representative request No Local testing request Yes Lead time 4 weeks or so Sample quantity At least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form 申请商营利事业登记证,需加盖彩色大小章 Chinese traditional User Manual+NCC Warning Schematic Diagram Black Diagram Product specification Antenna specification Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark 1, Model Regulation: a certificate stands for one model of one trademark; 2, Taiwan's applicant must provide the license for running the business of controlled telecommunications equipment via RF, and the profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate must be the Download version. Discover the latest version of profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate URL:
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