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    ISO14000 ISO14000 Environmental Management System Standard is an international environmental management system standard formulated by ISO/TC207 (International Environmental Management Technical Committee). It contains many focuses in the field of international environmental management such as environmental management system, environmental auditing, environmental signs and life cycle analysis. It aims to guide all kinds of organizations (enterprises and companies) to take pro-environmental behavior. However, it doesn’t contain the standard to formulate test method for pollutants, the standard for the limits of sewage and pollutants or the product standard. It can be applied to not only manufacturing industry and processing industry, but also service industry such as construction, transportation, waste management, maintenance and consulting. The test items for ISO14000 contains as the following: Category Test Items domestic sewage pH, CODcr, BOD5, SS, animal or vegetable oil, LAS, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, chromaticity,etc. Production sewage pH, CODcr, BOD5, SS, LAS, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, chromaticity, petroleum, total arsenic, total chromium, chromium VI, copper, nickle、cadmium, zinc, plumbum, mercury, total phosphorus, chloride, fluoride, etc. Industrial waste gas plumbum and its compounds, tin and its compounds, benzene series (benzene, toluene, xylene), aniline, styrene and acrylonitrile, the total hydrocarbon of methane, dust (particulate matter), polyethylene glycol (peg), vinyl chloride, chlorobenzene, tetrachloroethylene, fluoride, metals (nickel, cobalt, etc.), alkali fog, mist, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, asphalt smoke, etc. Generator waste gas /boiler waste gaas/canteen smoke NOX, SO2, smoke、ringelman emittance. Canteen fume fume Noise Factory boundary noise OHSAS18001 OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Arrangement System Occupational Health and Safety Arrangement System (OHSAS18001) is a management system standard for occupational health and safety suitable for any organization. It aims to, through management, decrease and prevent the loss of life, property and time caused by accidents and damage to the environment. Through professional investigation, evaluation and compliance evaluation required by related regulations, it can find out the sources of danger existing in the enterprise's products, services, activities and its environment. It can make control plan for the impermissible sources of danger and risks, carry out control plans, regularly check and evaluate the regulations and plans for occupational health and safety, and set up management systems containing organizational structure, responsibilities, training, information communication, emergency preparations and response elements, to continuously improve the occupational health and safety performance. The test items of OHSAS18001 contains as the following: Category Test item Domestic drinking water Chromaticity, pH, turbidity, odor and taste, visible to the naked eye, total hardness, total iron, total manganese, sulfate, chloride, fluoride, cyanide, nitrates, total number of bacteria, total number of total bacteria, free residual chlorine, total cadmium, total hg, total molybdenum, total copper, total zinc, volatile phenol, anionic synthetic detergent, total soluble solid, total arsenic, total silver, total lead, chromium (6), total selenium, total alpha and beta radioactivity, etc. Air in the workshop Dust, benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylene, lead dust, hexavalent chromium salt, chromium acid acyl, NOX, sulfuric acid, hydrogen cyanide, H2SO4, HCl, HNO3 or alkali (alkaline), acetone and n-hexane, formaldehyde, phenol, ethylene dichloride, trimethyl tin chloride, butanone, dust, H2S, methanol, ethane, aniline, etc. Noise in the workshop Noise Illuminance in the workshop Illuminance, wind, radiation in the workshop, etc.
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