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    Summary GEMS(Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards) is the mandatory energy efficiency certification for the electronic and electrical products in Australia and New Zealand market. Including the previous major policy tools: Mandatory minimum energy performance(MEPS), Energy efficiency label(ERLS), Equipment energy efficiency plan(E3);And expand the energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency, guiding enterprises and consumers. Since October 1, 2013, MEPS certification is no longer recognized. The products belong to the controlled class must have GEMS certification before they can be listed for sale. At this stage GEMS controlled products include: - External power supply - Digital set top box - Television - Compact fluorescent lamp / Low voltage converter / Double ended fluorescent lamp / Fluorescent lamp ballast / Incandescent lamp / - Washing Machine / Dryer / Dishwasher; - Electric water heater / Air conditioning and heat pump / Three phase motor / Household refrigerating apparatus; - Cooling tower / Precision air conditioning / Commercial refrigerators / Display cabinet / Distribution transformer. AGC testing is an Australian accredited testing laboratory,which can provide customers with product GEMS (MEPS) energy efficiency test、submission、registration service,also has a wealth of experience in the electronic products of other countries, energy efficiency testing and certification (CEC, DOE, ERP),so that can help you faster and better through energy-saving certification requirements. Application requirements GEMS certification is mainly divided into two steps: First is to choose products for testing,The standard of testing is consistent with the original MEPS; The second step is to submit the test report and other materials for GEMS registration,GEMS certification will be obtained with the materials audit passed. The new GEMS regulations mainly has new requirements in the registration part,The applicant can not select a single state to register,but uniformly do registration in Australian Regulator,and according to product categories,Registration fee of A $ 440-870 range,registration period is 5 years.
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