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    Summary GS certification is on the basis of Germany Safety Law, is a voluntary certification according to the EU unified standard, and is a Germany safety certification mark recognized by European market. As safety consciousness is deeply rooted among consumers, a product with GS mark is more competitive in the market. In Germany, if a product does not comply with GS standard, this product is hard to come into the market. GS adopts German standard, while GS is also recognized by most European countries. If a product is finished with GS, that also meets CE-LVD requirements. Application requirements Among GS certification, EMF must be evaluated, while EMC could not be. GS has no requirements for EMC, GS=Safety+EK resolution+EMF (if it is applicable)+ PAHs (if it is applicable)+LFGB(if it is applicable) +factory inspection Technical Documents 1. label and user manual (English, German) 2. schematic circuit diagram 3. PCB layout and silk-screen 4. BOM and certificate 5. explosive view and corresponding BOM 6. product specification (transformer, motor, LED) GS certification has strict requirements for factory quality assurance system: 1. Factory inspection aims at strictly controlling production procedure of certified products and ensuring the batch production is the same as the certified products. 2. Factory inspection is divided into initial factory inspection and annual factory inspection. 3. Factory inspection includes incoming material, warehouse management, production procedure, products delivery and test instrument maintenance and calibration. 4. After certificate issuance, there is factory inspection once every year. No matter how many products the factory applies for GS certification, only one factory inspection is acceptable. Difference between GS and CE GS CE non-compulsory Compulsory Germany Europe Authorized by the German government to detect and issue third party On the basis of complete technical documents (including test report) can be declared on its own CE Must pay an annual fee No annual fee Factory inspection must be carried out every year No factory inspection By the authorized test unit to issue GS logo, credibility and market acceptance Factory to product compliance self declaration, the credibility and market acceptance of low
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