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    Summary IC is short for Industry Canada, As a government agency,provides testing standards for analog and digital terminal equipment,in charge of authentication for electronic products exported to Canada market , stipulate import electronic product must pass relevant EMC certifications.  Its Responsible products are generally broadcast television equipment, IT equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment etc..,which is similar to USA FCC,IC is currently limit the electromagnetic interference. Application requirements Type Wireless Products Authority IC Lead Time 3-5 working days Local testing request EMI Local representative request IC No. (registered Company) Document request 1.  Schematics Diagram 2. Block diagram 3. User manual 4. Bom list Sample q'ty 2 sets Remark XXX Q&A Q1. How to register IC's Company No.? A:On the IC website application by E-filing system, the official Canada staff review and then delivered to the registered e-mail, when the length of 2-3 working days. Q2. Product UPN (Unique Product Number) specifications and requirements A:UPN's length is not more than 11, uppercase letters AZ and numbers 0-9 and can not contain special characters such as: #, /, - and so on. Q3. Canada is believed to be representative of what? A:Letter must be made on behalf of Canada and registered office address in Canada on the IC website signed and promised to be able to deal with the review of this product in Canada Q4. IC authentication types are there? A:IC certification divided into five, first as a separate type certification, the second multi-type certification, the third for the multi-named fourth to the second category allows changes, the fifth class of the certificate of ownership transfer.
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