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    Summary IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the abbreviation of international mobile equipment identity code, an international mobile equipment identification code is a 15 digits, "electronic serial number", which correspond with each phone, and the code is a worldwide unique. Each phone after completely assembly will be assigned a globally unique set of number, this number will be recorded in manufacturing vendors from production to delivery. IMEI code is assigned by the unified GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications Association), authorized BABT (British communications Certification Board) to audit and issue. IMEI numbers by 15, consisting of: 1, the first six digits (TAC, Type Approval Code) is a "type approval number", generally represent   the models. 2, the next 2-digit (FAC, Final Assembly Code) is "final assembly number", usually on behalf of origin. 3, the next 6 digits (SNR) is a "serial number", generally represent the production sequence number. 4, the last one digit (SP) is generally "0" for the check code for use. IMEI number is unique, and posted on the back of the phone, and read and written in the phone memory. It's also the mobile phone manufacturers "File" and "ID number." Application requirements IMEI applications need to pay. Prices are $ 400 for each TAC official (BABT) . Most countries in the world can apply in BABT to get TAC, except the United States (CTIA agency applications in the US), China (TAF institutions apply in China) and India (in India MSAI institutions to apply). Basic Files AGC Application form Trademark registration certificate Business licence Power of Attorney Product specifications Other specified files Lead time 3~5 working days Remark 1,  A TAC certificate only one models;  2,  each TAC number has 1000000 numbers;  3,  each model of product function and appearance must be the same;;
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