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    Summary JATE(Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment) is the main Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment Conformity Certification in Japan. Communications equipment connected to telecommunications network need technical regulations conformity certification, JATE is mandatory, certification bodies are registered bodies accredited by MI. Japan Public Management and Interior, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (MPHPT) stipulates that the Japanese telecommunications equipment compulsory certification in Japanese telecommunications business law.Telecommunication Business law enforced in 1985, title 68 says, MPHPT qualified agency to implement qualified technical conditions. MPHPT qualified JATE as the only qualified agency to implement qualified technical conditions, named JATE recognition. JATE for public network telecommunications equipment is mandatory certification. Approved devices can be connected to the public network, without checking by telecommunications providers. Application requirements Telecom Approval authority MIC Local representative request No local test No Lead time 3~4 weeks The number of sample at least 1 sets Basic Files AGC Application product instructions specification Schematic Diagram Black Diagram Applicant&Manufacturer ISO certificate External & Internal Photos of EUT Label position & Size Remark 1, The sample quantity according to the different types of products and different  2, Products must be first obtained QDL/EPL certification.  3, Application form must be send to JATE.
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