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    Definition JATE – Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment(Also called:Japan telecommunications equipment Accreditation Association,RCB number is 001)JATE certification is actually a technical condition compliance certification (Technical Conditions regulatory compliance certifications for telecommunications terminal equipment),Also known as telecommunications business law certification。 JATE is the first registration and certification body recognized by MIC for the compliance certification of technical conditions of telecommunication equipment (RCB, Registered Certification Bodies), Therefore, it is commonly referred to as technical condition compliance certification as JATE certification。The communication equipment connected to the public telecommunications network must meet the technical requirements of the Japanese Telecommunications Law when go to the Japanese market, and complete the compliance certification of technical conditions, i.e. JATE certification。That is, all products connected to public telephone or telecommunication network must apply for JATE certification. In short, JATE certification is the network access certification in Japan. MIC- Japan electrical communication terminal machine Review Association JATE Authentication mode Technical conditions compliance and design compliance certification ①Fixed telephone network terminal (e.g. PBX, telephone) ②Mobile terminals (such as WCDMA / HSPA, LTE / volte and 5th generation mobile phones) ③Internet protocol telephony devices (such as SIP proxy and IP telephony with assigned phone number 0AB-J”)Internet  ④ISDN Terminal equipment (e.g. terminal adapter, digital telephone) ⑤Leased lines and data communication equipment (e.g. Ethernet equipment, mobile data terminal) ⑥Terminal equipment for transmitting radio waves in terminal facilities (e.g. WLAN, Internet of things equipment) (according to Article 9 of the regulations) ⑦Technical standard conformance certification of security standards for Internet of things devices (such as routers and Internet of things devices). Products with Bluetooth SIG certified logo or Wi-Fi Alliance, then no need test. It is indicated in MIC of "terminal equipment certification guide (First Edition) [Japanese] Based on telecommunications business law" issued by mic on April 22, 2019. Public WLAN services must continue to be certified. Technical Requirements Compliance Certification Ensure that the data terminal equipment of the next generation network, leased lines and other telecommunication equipment meet the technical requirements formulated by the telecommunication operators authorized of MIC。              There are two cases of compliance certification for telecommunication terminal equipment: Firstly: For ordinary telephone devices, it's only need to certified with JATE authentication in accordance with the telecommunications law Secondly: For wireless terminal equipment, it's required to certified with JATE authentication  according to the telecommunications law and TELEC authentication according to the radio wave law       JATE Authentication mode JATE Certification procedure JATE Certification label MIC logo and certification number shall be marked on the certified product, which is a 10 digit number composed of numbers and letters               Representative CAB organization code(MICOM: 210, Phoenix: 204) JATE certificate template JATE Certification summary Authentication attribute Compulsory Certification Test Lab AGC Sample Request ≥1 set end product + 1 conduction engineering sample (depending on the product) 测试周期 2 weeks  (depending on the product) 认证周期 5-15 working days 标签和资料说明
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    What is JATE Certification? Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications (MPHPT) enacted Telecommunications Business Law in 1984, stipulated telecommunication equipment manufactured and sold in Japan must be certified compulsory. JATE(Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment)is the main authority for technology compliance certification of telecommunications equipment in Japan. In conclude, JATE is the compulsory certification for product sold in Japan. Applicable product range JATE Certification apply to all telecommunication equipment connected directly with public phone or wireless network, such as wireless calling equipment, ISDN equipment, leased line equipment and other telecommunication equipment. Note: Blue Tooth product is no longer under management and control. Slave WIFI equipment is no longer under management and control. (Equipment connected to telecommunication network through router, such as WIFI camera) Two Testing Mode of JATE Certification Technical Conditions Compliance Certification Compliance certification of technical conditions includes type approval and stand-alone certification. The compliance certification ensures telephone network, wireless calling equipment, ISDN equipment and leased line equipment comply with technical requirement specified by MPHPT.(Related regulation of terminal equipment) Technical Requirements Compliance Certification Compliance certification of technical requirements includes type approval and stand-alone certification. Compliance certification of technical requirements ensures wireless calling equipment, leased line equipment and other telecommunications equipment comply with certain technical requirement formulated by telecommunication operators authorized by MPHPT. Application Material: 1.Application form 2.Schematic diagram 3.PCB layout 4.BOM 5.Specification 6.Number map 7 ISO certificate 8.Other document Certification Logo and Certification Number X YY AAAA BBB Device code Year Serial number Institution code LOGO Note: Certification mark and the certification number should appear on the same line. The minimum size of logo diameter is 5mm. (If the product volume is no more than 100cm³, then minimum size of the logo diameter will be 3mm ). The logo can be combined with TELEC Logo for printing. Testing content 1. Basic functions. 2. Calling functions. 3. Transmission timing. 4. Random access control. 5. Time alignment control. 6. Location registration control. 7. Information switching function. 8. Functions of receiving level reports. 9. Functions of stopping transmission according to instruction. 10. Function of automatically suspend transmission when the receiving level degraded. 11. Function of automatically suspend transmission. 12. Function of ensuring important communication. Other Information Whether compulsory: compulsory certification Certificate Validity period : It is permanently valid on condition that nothing has been changed in the design and application standard. Factory audit requirement:no requirement Certificate holder requirements: no requirement Technical information: voltage frequency AC 100V / 200V, 50Hz / 60Hz, plug JIS 8303 Sample quantity: more than 2 sets Certification lead time:about one month AGC Certificate of Acceptance AGC keeps a long-term cooperative relationship with JATE and possesses professional testing labs & technical teams, which can help enterprise break into Japanese market efficiently.
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