• Large power battery detection
    Summary Lithium power battery which is a kind of new high-energy battery successfully developed in the 20th century, is the main force in power battery and has been widely applied to military and civilian small appliances. Nowadays lithium-ion battery must pass UN38.3 test by air. Lithium-ion battery has the characteristics of large size, large capacity, which easily leads to inconvenient transportation inconvenience. For the convenience of the majority of lithium power battery manufacturers and distributing businesses, AGC expand business for more than 100 v large power battery. Professional battery testing laborator AGC laboratory battery in Shenzhen covers an area of nearly 300 square meters, has a highly educated and experienced technical team and is equipped with safety inspection equipments for detecting all kinds of batteries such as lithium battery, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, storage battery, power battery, fuel cell and solar cell. Recently AGC expand a new business for new large power battery including power car battery, electric car battery, power tools battery, hybrid car battery, etc. Professional and Efficient Battery Test and Consultation Service  AGC provides UN, IEC, UL, GB, EN and so on certification service and does safety test according to UN38.3, UL1642, UL2054, IEC62133, IEC61960, QB/T2502 SN/T1414.3, IEEE1725, UL60950 GB18287 and so on. Test items ■ altitude simulation ■ temperature test ■ vibration ■ impact ■ short circuit ■ strike ■ overcharge ■ forced discharge ■ extrusion ■ needling ■ insulation resistance test ■ cycle life Expanded and Updated Battery Service Test Items Applicable Battery Category Notes insulation resistance test all batteries range from 100kΏ to 100TΏ needling test all batteries --- extrusion test all batteries or auto components range from 250N to13kN internal resistance test all batteries --- hardness test all batteries and its components battery case charge-discharge cycle test, life test, circulation test for large power battery all batteries including large power battery below 120V/40A altitude simulation test, low-voltage test all batteries including large power battery size in 80×60×80cm
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