• Leather testing
    AGC the testing of the leather products is based on the international standard ISO, AATCC, ASTM, CPSC, BS, DIN, JIS and GB in China. And can be based on the detection and analysis results, issued by the authority of the state approved the detection and analysis report.
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  • Shoes testing
    With the people's material life level increasing, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new materials emerging market, people of footwear products to ensure the quality concept has been strengthened and seeking for high quality and inexpensive footwear products will become the world footwear production and trade goods considered important factors. 
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  • Cases / Bags testing
    Summary With the development of economy and the improvement of the quality of life, people begin to increase the comfort degree and environmental protection and health requirements of the bags and accessories. Due to EU regulations, the CPSC regulations, bags and accessories products quality and safety of more and more by consumers around the world attention, quality requirements are increasingly stringent, many countries and companies is bags and accessories products established their control requirements, manufacturers must ensure that their products comply with all relevant standards. AGC detection can be carried out a series of physical properties and chemical environmental protection test, to help your products to break through the barriers of environmental protection and technology trade, to ensure the safety of your products export. Standards and Regulations At present our country involving luggage products mandatory standards is mainly the compulsory standards for textile and leather material safety, mainly:  GB18401-2010 the national textile product basic safety technical specifications; GB20400-2006" leather and fur harmful substances limited; GB19340-2014 “the shoes and bags with adhesive; GB18401-2010 "national textile product basic safety technology standard" "national textile product basic safety technology standard" is a mandatory national standard. This specification refers to the textile products including with natural fiber and chemical fiber as the main raw material, by spinning, weaving, dyeing and other processing or by sewing, composite technology and made products, such as yarn, fabrics and products. It provides textile products of basic safety technical requirements, test method, inspection rules and Implementation and supervision, used in China's domestic production, sales and use of taking and decorated with textile products. Therefore the technical specification applies to luggage products.  Refers to the technical specification of basic security technology requirement is to ensure the textile products on the human body harmful to health and put forward the basic requirements, and textile products are divided into three categories: one is a class a product, i.e., infant supplies, refers to the age in 36 months or less in infants and young children use textile products;  second is B class products, namely, direct contact with the skin products, to wear or use, the product most of the area directly with human skin contact of textile products;  the third is the C class products, i.e., non real contact skin products, to wear or use, the product is not directly with human body skin contact, or only a small part of the area directly with human skin contact of textile products.  Luggage products belong to the C products, that is, non direct contact with the skin of the product. The technical specification of C class product technical requirements include:  free formaldehyde content of less than 300mg / kg, pH in between 9.0, shall not contain in reducing conditions decomposition of 23 aromatic amine azo material, no odor, color fastness to  water (discoloration, staining), color fastness to perspiration  and color fastness to dry  rubbing not less than 3. GB20400-2006 "leather and fur" harmful substances "leather and fur limit of harmful substances" is a mandatory national standard, the standard for daily use leather and fur products harmful chemicals limited and detection methods, and leather and fur products are divided into three categories, one is a product, namely the infant supplies, refer to the age 24 months to the provisions of the van C products technical requirements include: free formaldehyde content is less than 300mg/kg, the pH value is between 4.0-9.0, shall not contain under reducing conditions decomposition of azo material, 23 kinds of aromatic amines in water GB 19340-2014 "shoes and bags with adhesive" The shoes and bags with adhesive "is a national mandatory standards, it provides for the footwear and bags with adhesive bonding properties and harmful substances limited and its detection method, the standard, except only for bags for positioning of the adhesive, bags with the peel strength of the adhesives not less than 2.0N/mm and benzene content of not greater than 5.0g/kg, toluene and xylene content is less than 200g / kg, hexane content is not more than 150g/kg, total volatile organic matter content of not more than 750g/kg, dichloromethane, 1,2-dichloroethane, 1,1,2 trichloro ethane and trichloroethylene and other halogenated hydrocarbons containing less than 50.0g/kg, polyurethane adhesive free toluene diisocyanate content not greater than 10.0g/kg Test items Static load test Simulation in the case of high load bearing luggage, when the rest of the air, the test case of the handle or the strength of the shoulder strap. Roller / handle test Simulation of bags under normal load, roller, strength and durability of the handle Drop test Simulation case in a certain height under the normal circumstances of a certain height of the fall of a certain number of times, and then detect the appearance of bags and damage. Tie rod durability test The fatigue resistance of the simulation is raised and lowered. Other tests Material physical performance test Luggage accessory test
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