Leather testing



AGC the testing of the leather products is based on the international standard ISO, AATCC, ASTM, CPSC, BS, DIN, JIS and GB in China. And can be based on the detection and analysis results, issued by the authority of the state approved the detection and analysis report.

The products we detect:
Raw material: Leather goatskin、pigskin、 raccoon、 mink 、fox 、rabbit
The finished leather :shoe leather shoe、 leather clothing、gloves leather、 sofa leather 、car seat leather、 luggage leather 、leather of special professional
Leather clothing: leather coat 、jacket、 fur 、fashion leather leather 、clothing special 、 Professional
Fur: fur 、fur clothing 。fur hat mattress mink fox 、toy 、products 
Leather accessories and leather hardware: sole molding artificial 、leather synthetic 、leather heel of shoe last shoe 、leather hardware accessories special 、professional 、leather accessories
Ball leather: basketball 、volleyball、football etc

Standards and Regulations

GB/T16799-2008 furniture leather 
GB/T4689.21-2008 Leather - Physical and mechanical tests - Determination of the static absorption of water
GB/T4689.22-2008 method for determination of permeability of leather 
GB/T4690-1984    Discrimination of the location of leather
GB/T4689.20-2008   Leather-Determination for adhesion of finish
GB/T 19940-2005  Chrome powder--Determination of chromium(VI)
GB/T 19941-2005  Leather and fur--Chemical tests--Determination of formaldehyde content
GB/T 19942-2005  Leather and fur--Chemical tests--determination of Banned azo colourants
GB 20400-2006    Leather and fur--Limit of harmful matter
GB/T 22807-2008  Leather and fur--Chemical tests--determination of chromium VI content
GB/T 22808-2008  Leather and fur--Chemical tests--determination of pentachlorophenol content 
GB/T 22886-2008  Leather--tests for colour fastness--Colour fastness to water spotting
GB/T 22888-2008  Leather--Physical and mechanical tests-- Determination of cold crack temperature of surface coatings
GB/T 22889-2008  Leather--Physical and mechanical tests--Determination of surface coating thickness 

Test items

Inspection items of leather garments, leather, etc.:
A. physical performance tests: tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, tensile, shrinkage temperature, bursting height and cracking strength, leather depending on density, leather shoes to try on test, sensory quality, peel strength, the bottom and the bottom adhesion strength, shoe folding performance, wear resistance, heel binding force, upper (band) pull out strength, hook heart bending stiffness, hook heart hardness, hardness of the heel, coating resistant fastness (room temperature / low temperature), folding the end leather resistant folding fastness, water, heat resistance, anti oil, fur flame retardancy Anti oil, fur flame retardant.

B. chemical performance test: pH value, hexavalent chromium content, formaldehyde content, banned azo dyes, smell, fur volatiles content, leather moisture and volatiles, benzene 2 formic acid ester detection, Ehrlich agent (Qualitative) for the detection of nickel release detection, carcinogenic dye detection, sensitized dye detection, detection of lead, perfluoro octane sulfonic acid detection, detection of cadmium and arsenic detection, free detection of formaldehyde, formaldehyde content detection, 4 - chlorophenol (artificial leather, PU), pentachlorophenol (artificial leather, PU), four chlorine phenol detection, determination of pentachlorophenol, fumaric acid dimethyl ester (DMF) detection, hexavalent chromium detection, banned azo dyes.

C.colour fastness: to rubbing、water 、perspiration, light etc.
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