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    Summary Mobile Equipment Identity MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) is a CDMA phone identification code, as well as the unique identification code for each CDMA phone or tablet communication. Through this identification code, the phone can be tracked and supervision by the network end. For a CDMA mobile phone standard, MEID number range is hexadecimal, and IMEI format is similar. MEID number is under allocation and management of Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). MEID applications is need to pay. The official price is $ 8,000 per 1M range MEID's (TIA) and every additional 1M range MEID numbers require an additional charge $ 8,000. Viewing of MEID numbers, there is no common approach by the handset manufacturers which set up their own. MEID numbers can be obtained by viewing the phone user manual. MEID consists of 14 hexadecimal characters logo. The 15th digit of the parity bit, which is not involved in air transport. RR: range A0-FF, from official distribution XXXXXX: Range 000000-FFFFFF, assigned by the official ZZZZZZ: Range 000000-FFFFFF, manufacturer's serial number assigned to each terminal C / CD: 0-F, checksum Application requirements Basic Files AGC Application form ISO certificate for application Business license Organization code Tax registration certificate Radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate Other specified documents Lead time 1~2 months
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