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    Summary OFTA certification is the former Hong Kong Telecommunications Authority (the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, OFTA) of Hong Kong for short communications product certification program. From April 1, 2012, the functions and responsibilities of the Broadcasting Authority and the Telecommunications Authority (TA) has been merged into the Communications Authority (Communications Authority OFCA: the Office of the Communications Authority, www.coms-auth .hk,), as the regulation of the broadcasting industry and the telecommunications industry, a single regulatory body. Meanwhile, the Office of the Telecommunications Authority and the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority under the relevant divisions, have merged into the Office of the Communications Authority (Communications Office, as the executive arm of Communication Board. All approval for radio communication equipment used in Hong Kong are required to meet the technical specification developed by the Communications Authority (Communications Authority). For products sold in Hong Kong, such as: Radio communications equipment (such as 409 MHz walkie-talkies, citizens band radios, cordless phones, wireless microphones, wireless LAN equipment, audio and video transmitters), should post signs (such as shown) of Communications Authority on the body or the box.
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