• Radiation Monitoring
    Summary Radiation pollution is recognized as the fourth biggest pollution after air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. The United Nations Conference on Human Environment has taken radiation as one of the main pollutants that must be controlled. AGC Xinyu Environment Detection Company is equipped with the national recognized qualification for radiation protection and monitoring with the complete facilities and professional technical experts to provide the customers with efficient and accurate radiation protection and monitoring. Standards and Regulations Technical Regulations on Environmental Assessment of Electromagnetic Radiation Methods of Measurement of Radio Interference Electromagnetic Radiation Monitoring Instruments and Methods Monitoring Project Electromagnetic Radiation Power frequency magnetic field X-ray Radio interference Gamma-ray RF electric field Ultraviolet radiation RF magnetic field Power frequency electric field Environmental vibration etc. Monitoring range The sources of radiation that AGC can monitor include but are not limited to the following: Mobile communications base stations Voltage transmission and transformation facilities Electromagnetic Radiation in machine rooms Electromagnetic Radiation in cars Broadcasting and TV transmission system Transportation system Wireless transmitting equipment such as radar and navigator Radar therapy apparatus Radiation protection and monitoring on medical equipment such as microwave therapy apparatus
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