AGC RF/wireless test laboratory engineer has been engaged in the radio equipment management for many years and test scope covers almost all wireless communication devices and non-communication devices.

AGC Service Scope:

RF test site rental service
products certification service
transmitter-receiver set test / test reports issuance
domestic underpower radio frequency electronic products test/rectification service/ test reports issuance
communication devices test/ test reports issuance
RF international standards counseling and training
domestic and overseas RF test/ rectification service/ test reports issuance
cellphone EMC test/WiMAX EMC test/CTIA TRP/TIS test
MIMO test/DFS Master/Slave test

Standards and Regulations

Category Service Scope
wireless products wearable device, security device, wireless interphone, wireless microphone, remote control, wireless network device(WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), wireless video conveyer system, BT (BT 2.1 EDR/ BT3.0 HS / BT4.1 LE), Zigbee products, 802.11ad/Wigig/WiHD, SRD/NFC/RFID/Z-Wave/cc1110, wireless keyboard/mouse/USB Dongle and underpower wireless transceiver.
wireless telecommunication products 2G(GSM/DCS/PCS), 3G(WCDMA / HSPA /HSPA+/ CDMA2000/CDMA EVDO), 4G(LTE), DECT, mobile and mobile devices.
telecommunication products telephone, facsimile, cordless telephone telescribe, modulator-demodulator, data communication interface card and other telecommunication products.

Wireless Products Test Standards
EN 301406 (DECT Phone)
EN 300086 EN300 296 EN 300 113 EN 301 166 (Land mobile radio)
EN300 220-1/2, EN300 330-1/2,EN300 440-1/2,EN 302 291(SRD product)
EN300 328,EN 301 893,EN 302 502(2.4GHz,5GHz,Bluetooth,WiFi)
EN300 422-1/2,EN301 357-1/2(Audio product)
EN301 489-1/-3/-7/-9/-17(EMC standard)
FCC Part 15B/C/E/Part 22H/Part 24E /FCC Part 27/FCC Part 74/Part 90/Part 95
RSS 210,RSS 310,RSS 247
AS NZS 4268 (Autralian)
ARIB STD-T91(Janpan)

DFS Master & Slave Test Standards
EN 301 893 (802.11a/n/ac)
EN 302 502
FCC Part 15.407
Japan DFS test

Wireless Communication (2G/3G/4G) Products Test Standards
EN 301 489-7 (GSM / GPRS / EDGE)
EN 301 489-24 (LTE / WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA )
EN 301 489-25 (CDMA2000 / EVDO Rev A / EVDO Rev B)
EN 301 511
EN 301 908-1&2 (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA)
EN 301 908-1&13 (LTE)
EN 301 908-1&4 (CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A / EVDO Rev B)
FCC Part 15B
FCC Part 22H
FCC Part 24E
FCC Part 27
PLMN08, PLMN09 RTTE01 / LP0002
RSS 132 & 133 & 139

Common Test Items
frequency error duty cycle block
radiated carrier power phase error intermodulation attenuation
conducted carrier power transient power frequency response
radiated spurious(<26.5GHz) adjacent channel power adjacent signal selectivity
conducted spurious modulation bandwidth spurious signal suppression
power spectrum density power flatness intermodulation immunity

Lab Evironment

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