S-mark Certification



S-mark is voluntary certification which is applicable to all electrical appliances, particularly for those products not included in PSE certification catalog. Although S-mark is voluntary certification, more and more manufacturers adopt S-mark certification to gain advantage in the market, it is similar to GS in German. S-mark certification covers safety test, EMI test and also need factory audit.

Approved Certification Body

Currently, there are four certification bodies participating in SCEA includes Japan Electrical Safety & Environmental Technology Laboratories (JET), Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA), UL Japan Inc., and TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.

Product Range

It is applicable to all electrical appliances.

Application Process

1.Send sample, technical document and test application form to AGC.
2.AGC assess the test and audit document.
3.AGC send sample and document to the approved institution.
4.Arrange factory audit during the test.
5.Audit test report.
6.Issue S-mark certificate.

Application Process

Technical Parameter: AC 100V/200V, 50Hz/60Hz, plug JIS8303
Compulsory or Voluntary: Voluntary
Certificate Expiry Date: No expiry date. It Need annual audit to keep the certificate effective.
Need Factory Audit or not: Need initial factory audit and annual audit.
Certificate holder: No requirement.

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