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  • Introduction of SDPPI Certification in Indonesia
    Certification introduction Indonesian General Administration of resources SDPPI(DirektoratJenderal Sumber Daya dan Perangkat Pos danInformatika) is the regulatory authority for formulating, planning and implementing standardization policies in the field of radio and communication, and has the function of public service .It can issue a license for the radio spectrum, including monitoring the interference and imbalance of the radio frequency spectrum. It is an organization with the ability of wireless / communication testing and certification.。 Wireless communication products entering the Indonesian market must comply with the local technical specifications of Indonesia and pass the type certification and customs inspection of sdppi in Indonesia. The General Administration of post and Telecommunications of Indonesia (DGPT) has imposed a mandatory ban on companies outside Indonesia as holders of type approval since June 2009. Authentication mode 1.Send samples to the local laboratory in Indonesia to arrange testing (The lead time is longer and the cost is relatively preferential) 2.Paperwork method: accept CE reports from overseas Indonesian accredited laboratories for certificate transfer application without sending samples for local testing (short leadtime and relatively high cost) On July 28, 2020, SDPPI issued the extension of paperwork treatment for HKT (referring to mobile phones, laptops and tablets) and non HKT products. The reports issued by overseas accredited laboratories within 6 months from the implementation date of the decree are still acceptable (including 16 overseas accredited laboratories for the latest HKT products and 72 overseas accredited laboratories for non HKT products), The above certification processing methods and the list of overseas accredited laboratories will be constantly adjusted and updated according to Indonesian policies (Indonesian policies are updated frequently)) Certification process Send samples to local test lab for testing 1.Prepare test samples and certification data and submit them to AGC Certification Department and project department (forecast)) 2.The laboratory forecasts the products and sends them to the Certification Department 3.The Certification Department will send the samples to the local laboratory in Indonesia for testing and submit corresponding data 4.After the test is completed and all data are complete, submit it to SDPPI for review, and SDPPI certificate will be issued if it passes the review Paperwork mode 1. Prepare certification materials and accreditation laboratory reports and submit them to the Certification Department 2. If the customer doesn’t have the CE report from the recognized laboratory, Need to arrange a new CE test to outsource the test and issue the new report 3. The certification department shall submit the report and relevant documents to the local cooperation organization in Indonesia 4. Review reports and materials of local cooperative institutions in Indonesia and apply for SDPPI certificate Data list No. Documents Special Note Remark 1 AGC Application Form Customer fill out Necessary for case start 2 POA Fill out, signed and sealed by local importers in Indonesia With reference template 3 Declaration Form Radio Customer fill out With reference template 4 FR.PM.5_Certification Form Customer fill out, sign with stamp With reference template 5 Declaration of Warranty Fill out, signed and sealed by local importers in Indonesia With reference template 6 Technical Specification ---- 7 MoU/Distributor agreement between brand holder and applicant Mou agreement between manufacturer and importer 8 User Manual ----- 9 CE-RF /EMC Test Reports must be issued by a accredited lab.-ISO17025 lab 10 Test Instruction/Test SOP+Test Mode --- Can assist 11 Schematic Diagram --- 12 Block Diagram --- 13 Parts List --- 14 PCB Layout --- 15 Parts Placement --- 16 Other unspecified data By case by organ Labeling requirements The approved products shall be marked with a certification label, and the label size is not clearly required, but only needs to be clearly visible on the body. If the product size is very small, it can be printed on the packing box or instruction manual  The certificate holder must affix the following contents on each certified wireless communication device before trading or use Label location On equipment On the package Lable Yes or No(Only if it cannot be pasted on the device) Yes((Only if it cannot be pasted on the device) QR码 Yes Yes Warning Sign (not required for short distance equipment) Yes Yes Label format: Label template: Location of label and QR code on the certificate: Certificate number and PLG. ID number are available from the certificate Warning Sign: Warning sign statement: it is forbidden for everyone to change the wireless communication equipment to avoid electromagnetic interference to the surrounding environment; Certificate template SDPP Certification summary: Authentication attribute   Compulsory Certification Test unit  Indonesian authority accredited laboratory (AGC forecast) Sample demand ≥2PCS Certification cycle  2-3 weeks (based on CE report of overseas accredited laboratory)   7-9 weeks (local test) Local representative   Actual importer Model control   One certificate with one model Certificate validity  3 Years
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    Summary Wireless products exported to Indonesia, must pass the type certification and customs inspection of Indonesia SDPPI.  Indonesia Postal electricity Letter Administration (Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication, DGPT) became mandatory since June 2009, Indonesian ban offshore companies for being type approval holder.  Safety requirements for low-power devices are not mandatory in Indonesia. 2.4 GH and 5 GHz radio certification is a mandatory requirement POSTEL certification.  Application requirements Indonesia certification application, you need to provide a local Indonesian company as a certificate holder who had been authorized by the foreign manufacturer. Indonesia Local companies allow certificate holders as vendors local agents, local wholesale or local brokers. (You need Indonesia local test).  In order to meet the requirement for local companies as certificate holders, local companies need to provide the documents below. File must contain: A.act of association copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "aktapendirian") number copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "NPWP") registration copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "TDP") D.import license copies (Bahasa Indonesia, "NPIK") In addition, you need to provide relevant technical information and application forms as well as providing information on local agents (certificate only distributed to local dealers) SDPPI Authority DGPT Local representative request Yes Local testing request Yes Lead time 6~8 weeks Sample quantity At least 2 sets Basic Files AGC Application form User Manual Schematic Diagram Black Diagram PCB Layout & PCB Location Power of Attorney Other specified documents Remark Starting in September 1, 2014 SDPPI certificate no longer A certificate and B certificate longer A certificate and B certificate; 2.Manufacturers or importers can directly apply for SDPPI certificates; 3.The certificate is valid for three years, but can only be extended for three years. Six years later, the certificate needs to be postponed, only a new application. 4.Since November 14, 2014, all of the products with BT and WLAN function must provide direct measurement of the prototype, the policy has been canceled for the Bluetooth products can accept the normal prototype.
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