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    Summary Radio transmitting equipment type approval refers to the radio transmitting equipment put into use before the research, production, import, purchase, technical indicators, in accordance with the parameters of the frequency spectrum technology management system. "Radio regulations of the People's Republic of China" regulation, development, production and import of radio transmitting equipment working frequency and frequency shall be in conformity with the provisions on the administration of the radio, and submitted to the radio administration agency for approval or for the record. For radio equipment testing, certification before entering the market is the world of radio management practice, from the source to reduce radio interference, ensure the spectrum scientific, reasonable and effective management, unified use of important technical means. SRRC approval is the main content about the frequency of radio transmitting equipment, spectrum, transmission power, frequency tolerance, bandwidth (or emission signal spectrum characteristics of), out-of-band emission and stray emission spectrum parameters, such as nuclear. Limited spectrum resources is directly related to the spectrum parameters can be scientific use of order can get effective protection, air waves, radio safety can be powerful guarantee.  Application requirements Lead time: at least 35 working days(Not included in the provincial Commission for the first instance) Materials needed for certification: Approved by the radio transmitting equipment model in the application form; The approval of radio transmitting equipment model of a power of attorney "; Operating instructions; Specifications; Schematic circuit diagram; Principle diagram; PCB diagram; A figure; Photos (positive and negative motherboard according); Rf line attenuation values; Test specification; Antenna gain; Driver and software; The company's business license; Company profile (development course, technical ability, production capacity, quality warranty card system) quality management system certification. Quantity of samples: Download Q&A Q1:What circumstances need provincial Commission for the first instance, period how long? A:First product need to save each year provincial Commission for the first instance, the first trial cycle related to company province WuWei testing cycles are usually is 5 working days. Q2:The approval for examination and approval of time how long? A:20 working days or so can a type approval certificate. Q3:What information is required by the provincial Commission for examination A: The approval of radio transmitting equipment model in the application form, the original and the copy of business license, basic condition and quality guarantee system to apply for the unit, and last year's radio equipment production and sales, the radio enterprise annual production situation table, equipment, color a (embody application units, the structure of the equipment model, serial number, size). 。
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