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    Summary TELEC is compulsory certification of wireless products in Japan, there are some similar to the domestic SRRC. It follows the MIC Radio law in Japan. Specific test specification is to follow the MIC (ministry) Japan Notice No. 88 regulations, see the following url: test specification update maintenance is conducted by MIC. WiFi and Bluetooth products test project is basically similar to the underlying EN300 328. The 2.4 GHz WiFi product (802.11 b/g, 2412-2472 MHZ) and Bluetooth products using standard for MIC Notice No. 88 Annex43, but for the 2.4 GHz WiFi product 14 Channel (Channel 14:2471-2497 MHZ) requires the individual to use Annex44 test and issue a report. For 5 GHz WiFi products (802.11 a, 5180 ~ 5320 MHZ, W52 Band and W53 Band) follow the test standard for Annex45, but it is important to note that the data shows, the MIC will be modified Annex45, 5.6 GHz equipment (Band W56) are classified as Annex45, and DFS of 56 frequency Band has more strict testing requirements. All the above specification and that Annex 1, so in refer to the above standards also need to pay attention to the content in Annex 1. Application requirements Product type Wireless communications certifying authority MIC Lead time 3-5 working day test requirement EMI Local representative request N/A technical materials 1. schematic diagram 2. block scheme 3. user manual 4. BOM List 5. Screen printing figure 6. 位号图 7. Antenna Report test sample 2 sets Others If you have applied for ISO certificate, please provide the copy in English or in both Chinese and English
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