• Aniline is Added to EU Toy Safety Directive
    On June 3, 2021, the Official Journal of the European Union published Commission Directives (EU) 2021/903 to amend Appendix C to Annex II of the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, added specific limit values for aniline used in toys intended for use by children under 36 months or in other toys intended to be placed in the mouth. This Directive shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, and will be formally implemented on December 5, 2022. Substance CAS NO. Materials Limit Aniline 62-53-3 Textile and leather 30mg/kg(after reductive cleavage) Finger paints 10mg/kg(as free) 30mg/kg(after reductive cleavage)   Official Journal of the European Union:  
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  • The EU Updates the Harmonized standards of Toy Safety Directive
    On May 31, 2021, the Official Journal of the European Union published Commission implementing decision (EU) 2021/867, which updated the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC harmonized standards. The updated harmonized standards involve three are: EN 71-7:2014+A3:2020 Safety of toys -Part 7: Finger paints- Requirements and test methods EN 71-12:2016 Safety of toys- Part 12: N-Nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable substances EN IEC 62115:2020, EN IEC 62115:2020/A11:2020 Electric toys – Safety The previous versions of EN 71-7:2014+A2:2018 and EN 71-12:2013 will be withdrawn on November 28, 2021. The previous versions of EN 62115:2005 Electric toys – Safety, IEC 62115:2003 (Modified) + A1:2004, EN 62115:2005/A11:2012/AC:2013, EN 62115:2005/A11:2012, EN 62115:2005/A12:2015 EN 62115:2005/A2:2011/AC:2011, EN 62115:2005/A2:2011, IEC 62115:2003/A2:2010 (Modified) will be withdrawn on February 21, 2022.          The complete list of the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC harmonized standards (from May 31, 2021) is as follows: EN 71-1:2014+A1:2018 Safety of toys - Part 1: Mechanical and physical properties EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014 Safety of toys- Part 2: Flammability EN 71-3:2019 Safety of toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements EN 71-4:2013 Safety of toys - Part 4: Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities EN 71-5:2015 Safety of toys - Part 5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets EN 71-7:2014+A3:2020 Safety of toys- Part 7: Finger paints — Requirements and test methods EN 71-8:2018 Safety of toys - Part 8: Activity toys for domestic use EN 71-12:2016 Safety of toys - Part 12: N-Nitrosamines and N-nitrosatable substances EN 71-13:2014 Safety of toys — Part 13: Olfactory board games, cosmetic kits and gustative games EN 71-14:2018 Safety of toys - Part 14: Trampolines for domestic use EN IEC 62115:2020 Electric toys - Safety EN IEC 62115:2020/A11:2020 It should be noted that EN71-2:2020 and EN 71-3:2019+A1:2021 have not been updated to the list of harmonized standards. At this stage, AGC recommends that you carry out the relevant tests for EN 71-2:2011+A1:2014& EN71-2:2020 and EN 71-3:2019& EN 71-3:19 +A1:2021 at the same time to meet the requirements of all parties. The Official Journal of the European Union:
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  • General toys testing
    General: In order to strengthen the supervision of product quality of children’s toys, to ensure the safety of children during the playing, countries around the world are stepping up the establishment and improvement of product quality and safety standards for toys.
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  • Electric toys testing
    Electric toys usually have more play and use function and children have a deep love. Due to the electronic circuit is used in toys, in order to guarantee the safety of the children, the electrical safety and thus brings about safety problems caused the attention of all countries.
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  • Child use and care articles
    Baby products are the special group of 0-1 year old baby this special group to provide professional health products. Special physical and psychological needs of the special physical, the baby supplies have raised a very high demand. Therefore, the choice of baby products, the requirements are very strict.
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