Water Testing


    Water is the source of life and plays an important role in social and economic development. The water quality testing is an important means of ensuring the water quality. 
    The quality of domestic drinking water is related to the health of residents so that the national health authorities have issued strict laws and regulations to strengthen the management of the quality of domestic drinking water, in order to guarantee the hygienic security of domestic drinking water. The water quality sampling point, inspection item and monitoring frequency of all kinds of water supply facilities, especially the secondary water supply facilities are specified in various laws and regulations. 
    With its professional qualifications, sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, AGC (Attestation of Global Compliance) is able to carry out the specialized tests to mineral water, purified water and other types of water, in accordance with various standards related to the drinking water.

    Standards and Regulations

    On July 1, 2007, the Standardization Administration of China and the Ministry of Health jointly issued a mandatory national standard, i.e., "Standards for Drinking Water Quality" (GB5749-2006) and other 13 national standards related to sanitary inspection of domestic drinking water. 
    On October 1, 2009, "Standard for Natural Mineral Waters" (GB8537-2008) was officially implemented.

    Test items

    No. Name No. Name No. Name No. Name
    1 Total coliform group 28 Copper 55 Bromodichloromethane solution 82 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
    2 Thermotoletant coliform bacteria 29 Zinc 56 Dichloroacetic acid 83 DDT
    3 Escherichia coli 30 Chloride 57 1,2-Dichloroethane 84 Ethylbenzene
    4 Total number of bacterial colony 31 Sulfate 58 Dichloromethane 85 Xylene
    5 Arsenic 32 TDS 59 Trihalomethanes 86 1,1-dichloroethylene
    6 Cadmium 33 Total Hardness 60 1,1,1-trichloroethane 87 1,2-dichloroethylene
    7 Chromium (hexavalent) 34 Oxygen consumption 61 Trichloroacetic acid 88 1,2-dichlorobenzene
    8 Lead 35 Volatile Phenols 62 Trichloracetic aldehyde 89 1,4-dichlorobenzene
    9 Mercury 36 Anionic synthetic detergent 63 2,4,6-trichlorophenol 90 Trichloro ethylene
    10 Selenium 37 Total α radioactivity 64 Bromoform 91 Trichlorobenzene (total)
    11 Cyanide 38 Total β radioactivity 65 Heptachlor 92 Hexachlorobutadiene
    12 Fluoride 39 Chlorine and free chlorine preparations (free chlorine) 66 Malathion 93 Acrylamide
    13 Nitrate (referred to as N) 40 Monochloramine (total chlorine) 67 Pentachlorophenol 94 Tetrachlorethylene
    14 Chloroform 41 Ozone 68 Hexachlorocyclohexane 95 Methylbenzene
    15 Carbon tetrachloride 42 Chlorine dioxide 69 Hexachlorobenzene 96 Phthalandione (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
    16 Bromate 43 Giardia 70 Dimethoate 97 Epoxy chloropropane
    17 Formaldehyde 44 Cryptosporidium 71 Parathion 98 Benzene
    18 Chlorite 45 Antimony 72 Bentazon 99 Styrene
    19 Chlorate 46 Barium 73 Methyl parathion 100 Benzo (a) pyrene
    20 Chroma 47 Beryllium 74 Chlorothalonil 101 Chloroethylene
    21 Turbidity 48 Boron 75 Carbofuran 102 Chlorobenzene
    22 Smell and taste 49 Molybdenum 76 Lindane 103 Microcystin-LR
    23 Visible material 50 Nickel 77 Chlorpyrifos 104 Ammonia nitrogen (referred to as N)
    24 pH 51 Silver 78 Glyphosate 105 Sulfide
    25 Aluminum 52 Thallium 79 Dichlorvos 106 Sodium
    26 Iron 53 Cyanogen chloride (referred to as CN) 80 Atrazine    
    27 Manganese 54 Chlorodibromomethane 81 Deltamethrin    

    Test range

    Domestic drinking water Municipal water Water from pipe network
    Secondary water supply Self-sufficient-well water Direct drinking water
    Underground water Natural mineral water Purified water
    Laboratory water Pure water Surface water
    Sea water Landscape water Irrigation water
    Aquaculture water Swimming pool water Air conditioning water
    Industrial water Boiler water Ballast water
    Cooling water Recycled water Sanitary sewage
    Industrial wastewater Other types of water qualities Public health inspection...
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