Attestation of Global Compliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., abbr. for AGC, was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen, and spread our network by building up more than 20 branches in Shenzhen, Wuhan etc. AGC is now growing into an independent comprehensive third-party institution which focuses on test & certification. Profound technical background and diligent working attitude decided AGC with an outstanding high starting point from the outset,pioneering spirit and consciousness of keeping pace with the times which predestined the thoroughly tempered course of AGC. 
Starting from scratch, AGC had gradually built up Safety Lab, EMC Lab, RF Lab, SAR &HAC Lab, Reliability Lab, Chemistry Lab, BQTF, Environmental and Occupational Evaluation Lab, Battery Lab, Toy Lab, Textile Lab, Food and Food Grade Material Lab. The establishment of our comprehensive labs ensure our test and certification scope covers almost all fields, such as Reliability and Safety test, EMC test, Chemical Hazardous Substances test, Material Analysis, Food Contact Material test, Bluetooth Test & Certification, Environment and Occupational Health, Performance test of spare parts of Automobile and so on. 
Moreover, AGC won many authorized qualifications both domestic and overseas. AGC is recognized as ISO17025 laboratories accepted by CNAS ,accredited by CPSC ,CMA , accredited for capablility of Occupational Health Technology Service. Meanwhile AGC become witnessed laboratory authorized by TUV and BATA recognized testing laboratory (RTF), BQTF issued by the SIG. AGC had also signed cooperation agreements with FCC,ETL,CEC,UL,IC, E-mark, PHOENIX and many other authoritative institutions, hence we can provide our clients with efficient and professional service for product test and certification.
In the past decade, AGC won the trust by professional, got respect by industrious, obtained the public praise by sincerity. 
In the future, we will insist on the business philosophy of "Quality makes brand, Service shapes reputation", keep struggling for the ideal that AGC will be "the most popular testing certification service platform"!

Our history

December, 2005

AGC is established

declaring to enter testing & certification field of electronic products.

April, 2007

SAFETY Laboratory was completed.

AGC team forming and growing, while declared the completion of laboratory safety.

December, 2008

EMC & RF laboratory were completed

To lay the basis for testing and certification of wireless products.

October, 2010

SAR & HAC laboratories were completed

AGC rapid developed.

November, 2011

Reliability laboratory were completed

which is the first attempt to interdisciplinary, in the same year won the approval from key account.

October, 2012

battery laboratory were completed

which is one of ICT products testing services, AGC open service mode of industrial chain.

November, 2012

BQTF laboratory were completed

Become the third supplier of bluetooth testing and certification in southern region.

June, 2013

Acquired the German testing organization EMITEL

AGC detection field extended to the automotive electronics industry.

December, 2013

The physical and chemical laboratory were completed

The beginning of AGC into chemical detection.

June, 2014

food contact materials lab were completed

open a new testing field.

January, 2015

auto parts testing lab and Calibration Lab were completed

Fully enter the field of automotive electronics and measurement, sign the start of AGC diversity layout.

welcome to AGC
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